Rescue Me Week – Featuring Less Adoptable Bella

I am often baffled by the dogs that end up sticking around the shelter just a little too long. We all know the stereotypes, of course. Big, black, pit-bull-like dogs are usually the last to be adopted. I get that. However, in my experience, there also seem to be many non-black, non-pit-bull-like dogs frequently passed over for no obvious reason. When I read that Mayzie’s Dog Blog was hosting Rescue Me Week in support of shelter animals, one dog in particular leapt to mind.

This lovely gal is Bella. She is currently up for adoption at the Nova Scotia SPCA’s Provincial Animal Shelter. For whatever reason, she has been up for adoption for quite some time.

I have been fortunate enough to meet her myself and there is something special about this beautiful girl. It will be a lucky person that wins her heart. Sweet and playful, she wants nothing more than to find her forever humans. Since she has been at the shelter so long, staff and volunteers have been able to work with her on her quirks and she is turning into a bright, confident puppy. She isn’t perfect, but I consider that a bonus. Perfection would just give me an inferiority complex. Besides, as I’ve learned with Shiva, the more challenges to conquer together, the closer your bond becomes. Super easy dogs, if they exist, don’t burrow into your heart in quite the same way.

Just check out those gorgeously crooked ears! Who could pass this sweetheart by? I don’t understand it. House-trained, spayed, this female labrador retriever mix should have gone home ages ago. Maybe the world has unique plans for her? Maybe her family is taking the scenic route?

Maybe her future companion is you.

It’s odd to me, the dogs that are left behind. But hopefully Bella won’t be one of those dogs much longer.

Many thanks to Mayzie for putting this great week together. Check out all the other great animals waiting to find their forever homes by clicking on the badge below.


29 thoughts on “Rescue Me Week – Featuring Less Adoptable Bella

  1. She is beautiful. But I’ve never understood why some (people or dogs) are popular when others aren’t.

    Maybe you see something that doesn’t come across to other people who visit the shelter. I hope her forever home comes soon.


    • That’s a good point. It’s not just dogs that are overlooked. Who can say what the reasons are? Bad timing may be the only thing to blame.

      I know she won’t be there forever but it is still heartbreaking to see her after so many months of waiting.


    • Thank you very much. I don’t know if many from my province read the blog, but I like to think I have helped in some small way.


  2. It is strange. There is a dog called Axel who is a long termer at the Shenton Park Dog’s Home – in fact he has been there for several years. He is an awesome dog and I almost took him home myself, but the volunteers who had him out at Fair Day kind of talked him down. Also Shenton Park have insane restrictions on who is ‘suitable’ to adopt their dogs, and with both of us working full time and living in a small place, I doubt that we would pass!


    • That is certainly true of some organizations and it’s unfortunate. I understand many volunteers are jaded after seeing dogs returned time and again but being so restrictive only hurts the animals they care about. We actually were looking at adopting from a local border collie rescue (can you imagine??) but were turned off by the very invasive application process. Instead we went to the shelter were pretty Bella now resides.


  3. I’m also amazed by some of the long termers i see in shelters. but then, I’m amazed that people seem so ready to toss away a family member.
    Bella is a beautiful girl. Hopefully, her happily furever after is just around the corner!

    Happy, Waggin’ Tails, FUREVER!
    Stumpy and me


  4. She looks like a real beauty, maybe Shiva needs a playmate?

    As Jet pointed out, sometimes the shelters/rescue groups themselves hinder their efforts by having insanely restricting requirements for adoption.

    When we started our search which ultimately ended in Delilah, we were refused puppies from two different organizations because someone wasn’t home all day with the dogs. No consideration of whether we would be willing to have somone come in while we were gone to give the dog potty breaks etc.

    I understand the desire to ensure a dog goes to a home where it will be well cared for, but really we raised Sampson from eight weeks old and as far as we are concerned there is no better dog on the planet. 😉


    • You are funny. 🙂 The truth is, I’d love for Shiva to have a sibling. Unfortunately, my landlords would not. There is too much in flux right now to even consider it. But in a year or so… Who knows?

      That’s too bad you had such a difficult time finding and organization from which to adopt. I remember reading a survey created by Petsmart this year that listed the main reasons people buy instead of adopt. One of the ones that stood out is that shelters and rescues often make the process inaccessible. When we adopted Shiva I remember filling out an intense six page application form! They have since cut it down to two pages and are seeing many more adoptions as a result.


  5. Hi, your post may be the one that gets her the home that she’s been waiting for. Our mom was a rescue and then she had puppies and that’s how Owen and I came to be in the world. So with a bit of luck, the “right” person will happen by and Bella will get to go home.


  6. Great post about Bella! She looks like such a sweet dog. Here’s hoping she finds her forever family sooner than later. I’m sure the wait will be worth it.


  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you for pawticipating in Rescue Me Week! Bella really IS bee-you-tee-full and I don’t gets why she hasn’t found her Most Perfect Home That Ever Was yet. Sometimes I think that the right pawson has to come along at the right time. Take me, for instance! Really…I shoulda been one of those less-adoptables who waited forever and ever for to gets adopted. But my mom and dad just happened to walk in at just the right time and whammo! The next thing you knew, I was adopted!

    I have my paws crossed REAL SUPER tight that the timing is right for Bella’s humans to find her NOW!

    Wiggles & Wags,


  8. Aww, good luck to Bella in finding a forever home! I am a sucker for crooked ears myself. I am also baffled as to what makes a dog “less adoptable.” Then again, I want to take home almost any dog I see. I mean, really, is there such a thing as an unlovable dog?


  9. She’s gorgeous! I hope she finds a home soon.
    It’s funny, but some of the dogs that get overlooked are often great dogs, but don’t show well in a shelter environment because they are so stressed out that their behavior makes them look like an out of control dog. People get turned off before they really get a chance to know the dog.
    My suggestion? Always get the dog outside of the kennel environment so they can really see what they are like.


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