Social Media Fail

It seems I am always making embarrassing confessions around here. Sadly, I have another one for you. For a blogger, this one is pretty unforgivable. If you’ve tried to connect with me at all beyond the realm of this website you probably know this already.

I suck at social media. It’s not that I don’t understand how it works either. I get it. I know the importance of it. I know what I need to do with it. But I am incapable of applying this knowledge. It’s my not-so-secret shame.

The thing is, I always have great intentions. I mean to reply to emails and tweets and Facebook comments. I plan strategies, I come up with witty (or what I think are witty) status messages, and I sign up for the latest trends. Unfortunately, these ideas remain solely in my head. I put them off for later, when I think I will have more time. In my head is a magical future day during which I will devote hours to getting it all done. It’s time for me to realize that day doesn’t exist. If I don’t make time for it now, I am probably never going to.

If I haven’t answered an email you sent, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I want to reply. I probably wrote my response in my head while reading it. But then something else happened, or I was at work, or it was time to walk the dog, and I told myself I would reply later, when I had more time to really think about it. And then I get another email I want to respond to, and another. It just builds and builds until I am overwhelmed. Weeks pass and I feel like it’s too late. Who answers an email three months after it was received? A jerk, that’s who.

This is no excuse, I know. It’s really quite awful. But it’s not personal.

If only it was just email. My shame goes deeper.

After months of procrastinating, I finally created a Facebook page for my website. I don’t know if I have logged in since. Even though I know I need to spend some serious time promoting my blog on Facebook and other similar sites, I just can’t make myself do it. There is no excuse for this either as I do keep my personal Facebook updated. I have a smart phone with full capabilities. I could update the page while on the bus every morning.

Of course, there is everything else that needs updating too. Twitter, for instance, and Youtube, and my blog itself. When the whole Triberr thing started I was excited as it seemed to be something that would just maintain itself. That is, until Triberr’s security settings changed. Now I have to log in to that every day, multiple times a day, to keep it from getting backlogged.

Am I the only one feeling a little defeated with all this? Last year Edie Jarolim of Will My Dog Hate Me and Amy Burkert of Go Pet Friendly created a blogger challenge based around the fact they both felt bullied by their blogs. I’ve managed to escape that feeling, but I am definitely feeling bullied by social media. I just can’t keep up with it no matter what I try. At this point, I am wondering if I should just trash the whole thing and become a hermit.

Do you have any great social media tricks to share? How do you handle all of these new demands? Or are you more like me, choosing to pretend you’ll figure it out later? Honestly, I have no idea how people can be so active in so many places. It blows my mind. Are these people just robots or should I be kicked off the Internet for being so lazy?

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  1. I have the same problem, so I am interested in hearing the response you get.

    There are three e-mails in my inbox right now that I have been meaning to respond to for over a week now. After two weeks, I just pretend my inbox ate it since I really do feel like a jerk answering it late.

    I don’t always respond to text messages either. Its a problem.


    • Gosh, that’s exactly what I do. Except I don’t delete anything. Ever. So the emails just sit there, taunting me. It’s kind of ridiculous too since many of them were offering me some pretty cool opportunities. I’m kind of shooting myself in the foot by delaying my response.


      I will generally answer text messages or BBMs but I almost never answer my cell phone. In fact, I am not even sure I remember how.

      At least I am not alone?


  2. Since my blog is a hobby, I just do those things I feel comfortable with and I enjoy doing. I can’t do it all, so I don’t stress over it. 🙂

    BTW I tried to go to the Will My Dog Hate me link that you posted and my anti virus blocked it as being malicious.


    • Perhaps that is what I am forgetting. Though I often treat it like a full time job, blogging is technically just a hobby. It shouldn’t be preventing me from sleeping.

      Thanks for letting me know. I see what I did wrong and the link is now fixed. Oops!


  3. One of the speakers at BlogPaws in Denver — whose name now escapes me — had a great take on social media. She said it should work for you, not vice versa. She set aside a few hours of two days of the week to keep up with it. Not that I can do that. I’m as bullied by social media as I am by my blog (and yes, as 2browndawgs pointed out, the link to WMDHM doesn’t work, though I didn’t get a virus message). But it’s something to aim for.


    • It’s difficult, isn’t it? Maybe I just need to decide what is worth stressing over and what I will only worry about if I have the time/feel like it.

      I fixed the link and it should work now, sorry about that. Apparently today I am full of editing fail too. 😛


  4. You and I are twin sons of different mothers. I could have written this post myself. But my email delinquency goes back weeks and weeks.

    I suspect you’ll get similar responses from other people.

    Here’s what I try to remember:

    * Some of the dynamite people who are everywhere and doing everything do this full time. Don’t compare yourself to them.
    *If you get a moment to reply to an email, go ahead and do it even if it’s old. Just apologize for not getting to it sooner. We all know you’re a rock star (and so is Shiva) and have lots of other people seeking your friendship and attention.
    * If people do get irritated with you, they’re not who you want to be wasting your time on anyway. You want to encourage relationships with the people who “get you” and can take you on the terms that work for you.
    *20% of time management is figuring out techniques and tricks. 80% is not making yourself feel bad you’re not doing more. Talk to Shiva about learning the 80% part.
    *Figure out what you’re trying to accomplish and only do the things that lead to that goal. If FB doesn’t fit into that plan, don’t do it.

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the past few months (can you tell). I was considering putting together a proposal to present something at one of the pet blogger conferences. Sort of along the lines of you write the book you most need to read? I’m thinking about presenting the presentation I most need to hear.

    I’m looking forward to everyone else’s response. I suspect you’ll find you’re a member of a small army.


    • Thanks for your well-thought out response, Pamela. Email deliquent or no, you clearly have this thing commenting thing nailed.

      I do try to tell myself most of the people who are out there on every platform available are the ones doing it for a living, but it still seems there are a lot of others who can utilize all these great tools without breaking a sweat. All the while raising ten children, six dogs, three cats, and holding down several full-time jobs. Maybe I am just making these people up in my head? That is possible.

      Ha! Rock-star. You’re funny. 🙂 I think you are right though, I think I need to figure out what my goals are. Do I have any intentions on taking this further or is it just for fun? If it’s just for fun, why am I worrying so much?

      Your idea for a presentation is fantastic! Since I see you as one of the people who has the social media thing down – you even have your own tribe! – you clearly have been able to find a balance. I hope to be able to hear it one day.


  5. I don’t think it’s possible to truly stay on top of it all. You have to pick your battles and I would suggest adding one new thing to the mix at a time. My trick for staying on top of Twitter is a good relationship with Tweetdeck. It’s free to download and it sorts the twitterverse so I can easily reply to people who have mentioned me, quickly RT my favorite tweeps, and spot my DMs. Being able to clear each column after I’ve read it also helps because I always know right where I left off.

    I’ve found things to be a bit different with Facebook. It requires more consistency than Twitter, though the connections I’ve developed are more personal and lasting. I check in on Facebook several times a day, reply to comments that have been left and try to share something useful or entertaining. I spend more time on my fan page than on my personal page, but my friends and family know where to find me if they want an update on our adventures.

    Email is a whole other thing. I’ve tried the “only touch it once” philosophy, but can’t seem to stick with it. Thankfully, people have been pretty forgiving when I don’t get back to them for a couple of weeks. I think we’re all struggling with the same things, so people tend to understand.


    • Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on this. It’s reassuring to read that even superstars like you have difficulties with some of the same things. I just wish there was one platform that would enable me to update everything at once. So I would only have to login to one website and I’d have access to all of my various accounts. It would make things a lot easier.

      With my day job I am often not physically able to check in during the day. Most of my personal and blog interactions have to be done in the early mornings, which is when I write most of my posts, or at night. It doesn’t give me a lot of time. Since I try to put my family relationships first, as well as eating and sleeping and all those other silly life things, it’s tough to shove Facebooking in there too.

      Perhaps I just need to cut myself some slack. Thanks again!


  6. I’m so glad you now have sharing options at the end of your posts!

    Whenever I publish a post, I immediately hit view and then go straight to the tweet button (I don’t share on my personal Facebook because my friends already think I’m a crazy dog person – ha). It’s just part of my routine! As for e-mails…can’t help you there. I’m an OCD e-mail checker and can’t handle having more than one unread message in my inbox. But that’s annoying in a different way.


    • I don’t publish anything blog-related on my personal Facebook either. At least, not related to MY blog. There are still some people who don’t know about it and I’d like to keep it that way for the time being. Perhaps this is why it’s harder as I have to constantly switch back and forth from my personal to my fan page.

      Email is the ultimate time-suck, isn’t it? It’s supposed to make things faster but I find even at work answering emails eats up most of my day. If I could ignore work emails as I do personal ones, I probably would!


      • i am totally in the same boat–there are plenty of folks on my personal FB that i don’t want to know i have a blog. plus, i feel very self-conscious about being the person who talks about only one thing, as i find that very annoying, myself (i was this way during my wedding and first-home-buying experience; so i certainly don’t want to start constantly talking about my dog, when i find the people who post about nothing other than their baby after having a baby really obnoxious.).

        the switching back and forth from personal to fan page is annoying, and i never ever have time to go on my fan page to read that news feed–which pretty much defeats the entire purpose, but what can ya do? we’re on FB, the blog automatically posts on FB via networked blogs, and FB automatically posts my status updates on twitter. that’s about as far as i get, other than trying to check twitter on the train ride to and from work.

        i am much more concerned with reading blogs and posting comments on them, which i am super backlogged with due to the sheer number of blogs in my reader. but i really do enjoy them all!


        • LOL. I know what you mean. I am finally at the age where my friends are all having babies. All of the ultrasound photos get a bit much after a while. I understand their excitement but… I’d rather look at puppies myself. 🙂

          I am part of the Networked Blogs as well but for whatever reason I can’t get it to automatically share my posts on FB. I haven’t the time to figure it out so I’ve just let it sit and do nothing. Twitter is just so much easier for me to navigate right now.

          I officially abandoned my Google reader last February. The divorce was final quite a long time ago and I don’t plan on checking back in. The sight of that thing would probably give me a heart attack. Now I just check blogs when I feel like it. Email subscriptions help a lot with that.


  7. There is no way I’d be able to keep up with everything if I had a real 9-5 job. But as it is, I have lots of little “down times” during the day.

    I have it set up so my blog entries will post to twitter and to my blog-page wall on facebook. I will make a point to add one or two non-blog posts on SCJ’s twitter account a week–even if just a ‘retweet’ and I try to add 2 or 3 non blog posts on my SJC’s FB page–again, even if it’s just sharing something else that i found on FB.

    For email/fb messages… unfortunately, if it’s not business related it often gets pushed to the back burner. If I get a message that tugs on the heart-strings or asks a simple question or something, I try hard to respond eventually… some of the other emails just slip through the cracks but there are only so many hours in the day.


  8. I am over-whelmed by the social media and I AM A COMMUNICATIONS MAJOR! I feel like such a failure because I can’t quite get a handle on everything, I don’t have enough time.

    Added to that, things are constantly changing and new mediums appear all the time, I don’t have the type of brain that learns things easily, so many of these new mediums are a real challenge for me. I just joined Stumble Upon because of the 31 Day challenge, up until last week I didn’t know you could follow people on Stumble. So now on top of the blog, Sampson’s website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Forums I need to Stumble! And WTF is Triberr?

    Like someone above me said, I think the people who are really active in the social medias work at this as their jobs, right now I don’t. While I hope someday to do this for a living, at the moment I don’t so I have to cut myself some slack. 🙂 I think you should too.


  9. I know what you mean. I started my blog basically for me. That I’ve got 100+ people now following me (which is a very small number compared to the huge following lots of blogs have) is astounding to me. Frankly, it kind of scares me sometimes. I often feel like I’m not living up to expectations, though what those expectations are, or should be, I’m really not sure. Like you, I know the importance of social media, I understand what it is, and how it works. More and more, as the role of mainstream media has changed due to the advent of social media, it has become my job, as an advertising account executive, to know these things. But for some reason I just balk at applying those same principles to my blogging life. I guess because I don’t want blogging to become just another job, something else I HAVE to do every day. I think, frankly, that it, and I, would both lose something critical if that ever happened.


  10. I attended a workshop on social media – how to use it effectively and how to make sure it does not take over your life. Ironically it was called “Taking back instanity” Bottom line was that you have to control the media rather than the media taking over you. The speaker sends me updates and tips – I will make sure to forward them to you. You can just read them you don’t have to reply.
    On another note – woke up to 6 inches of snow – if I can figure out how I will send it to you


  11. I have some thoughts on my own social media failures. However I won’t get around to expressing them here now because of said failures. I’m SO glad to read the confessions of so many of you.


  12. I spent probably an hour the other night going back and replying to comments on my blog. I’m probably forgetting at least one email that I should have answered. Thankfully (or not?) I don’t get very many emails. Tweets I can handle, because their brevity is a good excuse for saying something kind of lame or really short. Exclamation points help!


  13. I just wanted to say that even though you feel like a jerk for not being on top of email and twitter and all that, I am sure people recognize how busy you are and no one thinks you are a jerk for it (unless they are jerks). I definitely think juggling so many different forms of communication can be hard, but I am pretty impressed that you are able to blog so regularly especially given all you do with Shiva in “real life.”


  14. Really, I don’t bother with other outlets much. I added a Facebook page just because I know a number of people, mostly family members, who like to read my blog but don’t have a google or blogger account. Since the Facebook page is set up to automatically take blog updates and post them over there, I don’t do much except for occasionally logging in and making sure I don’t have messages waiting.

    I blog for fun. I see no reason to add a ton of Facebook and Twitter time to my blogging day. I don’t ever expect to make money from my blog, and frankly, I find all the twitter nonsense on so many blogs these days a little annoying; I don’t want to have to bookmark a ton of different websites just to interact with the online blogging friends. I read their blogs, comment on what is interesting, and that’s going to be about it.


  15. I am sure we all understand that it’s not always possible to keep on top of everything.

    I find it difficult to keep up with the blogs I follow. I often wish I had time to say more when I leave a comment.


  16. You know… I just don’t worry about it.
    But then again, I still blog mostly for me. The fact that I’ve grown a small, but relativley dedicated, readership has been great, and I do make efforts to maintain it, but I’m not interested in (or have the time or energy to) promoting it a whole lot or trying to make money from it.
    I also worry those sorts of advances will lead to censoring and limiting scope. Not that I’m some crazy Howard Stern of blogging (even in the slightest), but I still like being able to say whatever.
    So as far as Facebook for the Soapbox is concerned, I have zero interest in it, and will likely never happen. Low followers would just be depressing.
    My personal page isn’t very active as it is, and I’ve also got the ASLC page to help manage.
    Twitter is fast, easy, and low-commitment, so I can keep up.
    And I thought Tribrr was a good idea and considered asking to join a group, but then I don’t like what I see from some accounts that have it – there’s no personal comments anymore. It looks so automated, just tweeting links over and over.
    So perhaps it’s apathy that allows me to not stress over these things. And I’m fine with that.


    • I have to agree with you on the blogging Jen. It has begun to run my life to some extent, but I don’t have a goal to make money with my blog. For me, it’s an outlet for my love of writing and for sharing my love of dogs. I don’t worry about number of readers but I do love engaging with friends and those I admire. I use FB to connect with friends and to share ideas, stories, inspirational messages. But mostly for me it’s about connecting with people. I am also questioning Triberr.

      It’s actually a relief to see so many grappling with many of the same issues.


  17. I’m also really bad about email!! The only advice I have for that is that I TRY to shoot the person an email letting them know that I got their email and I will respond to them once I have a chance to type out a more coherent response. Basically acknowledging them and letting them know that I’m thinking about their email and still plan on fully responding, but I might not have the time on that day or even that week to really respond.


    • I’ve thought of doing the same thing but I worried it comes off as dismissive. Not that I am saying that is what you are doing, but that’s how it would feel I think for me. But perhaps that is better – and more polite – then just never replying at all. It might also motivate me to reply eventually, just as I originally intend. Thanks for your comment!


  18. I work in social media for my 9-5, so when it comes to pimping out my own blog I SUCK. I spend so much time analyzing data related to social media at work it makes me want to anti social media after work. BUT, it does work. Times 100. So go with your bad Facebook self.


  19. I have a FB rescue page where I share my dog blog, a personal page where I “meet” friends and family; a blog I don’t share except with those who find it and I don’t tweet, I avoid LinkedIn (though I am a member). I spend too much time on the computer and not enough time in real life – so am preparing self for a major NY resolution!. Oh, and then there is the online newspaper blog I forget about….


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  21. I follow you on FB, Twitter and read all your blogs and have always admired your productivity, and sometimes wondered how I could be more productive, just like you. Go figure 🙂

    You have so very good points. We have to find the right balance, without feeling the guilt afterwards when we have not been following up on mails, tweets, and so on.

    I learned to relax more about it by having a couple of times I was “forced to disappear” from the Social Media platform, like Viva’s Cushing’s treatment, and the recent work episode. It did cost me a lot of “followers”, but what happens if I send the first blog out after 1½ months of silence? People I care about all come by and comment (like you 🙂 ). I rather have “followers” that matter and I can connect with, than having the whole grey social media masses out there providing blog hits.

    Just promiss me you keep on blogging about yours and Shiva’s adventures 🙂


  22. I HEAR YOU LOUD AND CLEAR! (Sorry to shout!) I’m definitely feeling a little bullied by social media lately. It’s awful.

    I have discovered an app that is helping be less awful about social media. lets me write my status updates for the day and then schedule them to post automatically through the day. Then, when I get home from work, I try to take 10 minutes to respond to Tweets, 10 for Facebook messages and 10 – 15 to review emails. Then I spend up to an hour reading other people’s updates and blogs. Most days, I don’t come anywhere CLOSE to attacking all my messages. I’d love to know if there is a better way, short of quitting my job, which allows us to eat real food and live indoors, plus, it buts the dog treats, so Kol is rather insistant I keep it up.

    I do try to dedicate time to my Facebook page especially since IT WORKS. Like crazy. Since I put up the Facebook page, traffic has more than doubled, I have discovered a tons of really awesome fans who comment on a regular basis and I have started getting a lot more offers for Reviews/Giveaway. On the flip side, I do feel like all that is taking away from the Kol’s Notes focus a bit. I need to get back to our original intention: health & nutrition info!


  23. LOL, you are not alone. I started the blog hoping that our foster dogs would get some exposure, but people have to know it exists before it does any good. I have yet to even start a Facebook page. Oh well at least now I have some sort of way to keep track of when we had who etc.


  24. It’s so hard, and I’m super-behind on emails too. My school blocks facebook and Youtube, so I can’t even check any of it until I’m home. Though I do like facebook because I find it’s so much faster to comment on, and give snippets of info. Though I don’t really understand the whole Twitter thing.


  25. Honestly, I stay out of the whole social media thing. We started a Facebook account for blog, never went back to it, so I closed it. I am not a Facebook fan anyways. I have a hard enough time keeping up with our blog, I just don’t have the time for any other accounts. And emails, I always late, but I get to them eventually.

    Don’t worry you are not alone. I have often wonder how others keep up with all of these different accounts. Do they just live on the computer??? 🙂


  26. Well – thank you for writing this post! I personally think that you are a TOTAL ROCKSTAR for writing a post every day – I work from home (which never seems to fit into a typical 9-5 time frame) and I have the best intentions, but some days I just cannot spend one more hour working on the computer, and blogging is what gets put on the back burner. A couple of months ago I wrote a post about taking a break from facebook and twitter, and actually, the less I have been on facebook and twitter, the busier I have gotten, and now it is difficult for me to even login on a daily basis. Don’t even get me started on the emails that I haven’t answered 🙂

    It’s the guilt that drives you crazy isn’t it? We always feel like we should be doing more – but honestly, I am totally impressed with everything that you write and I think you are awesome 😉


  27. Well, judging by the huge response, I am guessing you and I are not alone here Kristine. I’ve been feeling the same way. There are days when I look at all that I “should” be doing (my standards) and think it’s just too overwhelming. It’s actually a relief to see that you were feeling the same way and that so many others were as well.
    I remember writing for that Edie and Amy challenge and thinking my blog would never rule me. Ha! Foolish woman!

    In all honesty, I haven’t noticed you not responding to tweets and emails. It always seems like you do, but even if you don’t. I won’t be offended. Since starting my 9-5 job I find it harder and harder to do. Besides. I prefer spending what spare time I have with my dogs. I’m guessing they feel the same way. Shiva too? 🙂


  28. I NEED to treat my blog like a business. Now that I’m finally starting to make some decent money with Google Ads & Amazon, I want to keep the momentum going so that I can actually make a living with it.

    My advice to you is to pick a platform or two and stick to it. Mine are Facebook, Twitter and Triberr. I just can’t seem to get into Klout and adding another social media platform will stretch me too thin. I was very resistant to setting up a FB page for the blog, but it has really paid off with visitors. Set up certain times of day to respond to emails, logging into Triberr, etc.. and eventually it will become a habit.


  29. I’ve found ways to make posting things easier, like if I post something on Twitter, it automatically goes to Facebook, too. I am not a great person to ask about balance right now, though. I don’t feel that I’m doing that well. I need more hours in the day, or a shorter work day or something…


  30. I do not have a facebook account for my blog. I post blog links to my personal page. I have facebook open all day, and check it for updates whenever the mood strikes me. I rarely post status updates of my own because nothing I’m doing at any given moment seems important enough to alert the world about. I do use it for messaging people. You can be my friend on facebook if you like. 🙂 To be honest, while I have “liked” several bloggers on facebook, I find getting their posts by subscription AND seeing them in my newsfeed redundant.

    I was pretty good with Twitter for awhile. I like Twitter because it lends itself to funny, snappy conversations. Then, inexplicably, I forgot about it; I haven’t opened my Twitter page this entire week. I really should… Also, I never got Twitter etiquette (Twitterquette?). I don’t seem to re-tweet correctly, I didn’t know that FF was “Follow Friday” for the longest time and had no idea why people were putting up “#FF” with a bunch of seemingly random names there.

    I joined Triberr because a blogger I adore and trust asked me to be in her tribe. I have never, ever done something so blindly on the Internet. I agonized over facebook for YEARS, and joined Triberr with a single click. Now here’s the irony: I haven’t yet finished configuring my blog to upload to Triberr. So I can tweet stuff from my tribe, but no one is re-tweeting me. But I never go to Triberr to re-tweet so I’m a bad tribe member and should thrown off the island.

    And finally– the blog. You read a vast amount of blogs. I can’t keep up with 8 or 10 subscriptions I have. I don’t post often enough. I have very, very few followers. (My guest post here generated many hits, but no subscribers. 😦 That’s self-pity, btw.) I come up with an idea for a post, have no time to write it, and eventually whatever it is I wanted to say leaks out of my head.

    In other words, life and personal idiosyncrasies dictate how much can do and what we want to do. Some people are go-go-go and do it all. Some prioritize differently. I consider you a HUGE success, and wouldn’t worry about any of this nonsense. You write an immensely popular blog, everyone likes you, and no one cares if your facebook page is up to date. Pamela’s right– you’re a rock star, and you can make your own rules.


  31. I intentionally put off responding to this post just so I could read all the comments. Clearly, there is no one “correct” answer to this very real dilemma. And now, I’m afraid, after reading all these well-intended tips and anecdotes, I am more anxious about my own SM fails than ever. Can someone say ignorance is bliss? 🙂 (As a socially-challenged person, I even detest the term “Social Media.” It’s slightly discriminating, don’t you think?)

    I enjoy my blog immensely and it will always be my top priority in this media mix; however, I want to make it easy for people to find me and interact. That’s why I got around to creating a FB page. It worked. I got on Twitter because all the “experts” said I should. I can’t keep up with it and it makes me sad that some of the twerps (I can’t believe I typed that horrid word) I really enjoy seeing there are getting missed in my stream. Triberr initially hooked me up with some great contacts, but that has dwindled. And frankly, the guilt over sending many of my close non-Triberr followers robotic RTs every day is making me want to quit. [sigh]

    Gosh, I didn’t meant to say this much. But I feel so much better now that I have. 🙂

    I love your blog (and a couple others) because it is a place where I can go and feel like less of a dog blogging, introspective kook. 🙂 I hope you take that as a high compliment. 😉


  32. And here I thought all you other bloggers/Tweeters/Facebookers had your super-hero balancing acts all together and I was the only socially inept klutz in the kingdom. 🙂 Glad to hear others struggle with “doing it all”, too.

    I can absolutely relate to wanting to write an appropriate reply and ending up never writing one at all. (Honestly, it’s a miracle I have any friends at all, never mind the blogging side of things. 😉

    That said, and for what it’s worth since I haven’t been around this very long, I’m pretty good at analyzing and prioritizing. So I’ve been analyzing my stats and prioritizing the benefits of my social networking actions. (That makes me sound horribly cold and calculating, doesn’t it?) But the fact is, Twitter has really not given my blog much in the way of traffic so I’ve stopped putting my efforts there. (And don’t even ask about Google+!) Facebook, in the short time I’ve been using it, has given me a tenfold greater return on investment, I’m better at it than Twitter and have decided that’s where I’m going to focus my energy for now.

    I also find I spend a lot of time reading and trying to comment on other blogs. That’s a much less calculated move on my part – I do it more because a) I really like to read other blogs, b) I know how good it feels when someone comments on what you’ve written and c) I’ve really enjoyed getting to know other people who are as crazy about their dogs as I am (and we can have real conversations that you just can’t have in 140 characters.)

    If it’s any consolation, you’re a social media rock star in my eyes. But really, I just want to read about you and your crazy dog. 😉


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