To the Most Understanding Man in the World

I found this video on Youtube a few weeks ago and I had to laugh out loud. My PH could have written it himself. I am actually a little scared to show it to him as he might start to realize just what it is he has to put up with. Any of my fellow agility addicts out there can probably relate a little too well.

Shiva and I entered the dog agility world almost exactly two years ago. That is about 730 days. 730 days of training and crying and stressing and working and tantruming and celebrating. Shiva is not an easy dog by any stretch of the imagination. Our trainer is constantly saying what a difficult challenge she is for a newbie handler like myself. Her insane level of drive makes her both a joy and a pain in the ass.

Agility for us is hard. Just when I think I’ve got something down, she will surprise me and do something else. If I wasn’t still learning the mechanics of it all, I bet we’d both have a lot more fun. But, you don’t always get the dog you want, right? I need to work with what we have. Even if we never win a ribbon, Shiva will always be the dog who has taught me all I know.

I couldn’t have done it alone.

Today’s post is dedicated to my practically husband. If it wasn’t for him, Shiva and I probably wouldn’t still be doing this crazy thing. It’s because of his understanding and encouragement that we have gotten as far as we have. The things he has handled with style, with nary a complaint, are humbling:

  •  Who else would hang out in a freezing cold barn during a rainstorm?
  • Who else would sacrifice hundreds of his weekends to perfecting Shiva’s jumping skills?
  • Who else would listen patiently while I freak out over missing a weave entry?
  • Who else would tell me over and over again that I am far too hard on myself?
  • Who else would refrain from saying “I told you so” after I realized I was rewarding with the wrong hand?
  • Who else would goop up his hands and leather jacket with stinky pieces of chicken?
  • Who else would get up at 7 am on a Sunday morning to take us to a crazy workshop of out town?
  • Who else would listen to me prattle on and on and on about lead-out pivots?

Sadly, I can’t say I would be as patient, or as kind. If it wasn’t for my PH, I probably would have lost my sanity long ago. Even if I don’t always tell him, I will be forever grateful for his support throughout these 730 days. The day we finally enter a trial will be as much his win as ours. With a dog like Shiva, I need a whole team behind me to succeed. I am so glad my practically husband has been there every step of the way.

13 thoughts on “To the Most Understanding Man in the World

  1. Ha ha! – The video was too cute. What a wonderful post you wrote about your PH…I see you’re one of the lucky ones too. My hubby is also very supportive, and always came along to all of my doggie classes, seminars, trials, etc. that I’ve done with Toby in the past.

    I guess he enjoyed himself, because when we adopted Meadow, he asked if HE could be the one to work with her. So if you’re not careful, you might one day find your PH asking if you guys might adopt a second dog, so he can have an agility dog of his own. 🙂


    • Actually, he has already hinted about that. As soon as our living situation is sorted out – whevever that will happen – I have a feeling it won’t be long before he is surpassing me in skill!


  2. That video is hilarious! I’ve liked just about every “dog world” XtraNormal video I’ve seen.

    My fiance and I have an agreement; I don’t “schedule fun” or make him get off the xBox, and he doesn’t interfere with the time I spend training and doing things with Elka. It works pretty well!


  3. Hi, my sheltie brothewr Jetta does agility with my mom. He’s very quick and when he’s on, he’s really ON. But he can be quirky – just when you think that he’s got something down something will throw him off. He might lose focus or become fixated on a “high value” treat and lose his “mind”. But while it can be frustrating for my mom, we do agility for “fun” as opposed to doing it for the ribbons. Jetta went to a trial today and got a “Q”. I think that’s good.


  4. LOL, that video hits a little close to home. Tonight my own PH was rifling through the fridge after I asked what he wanted for dinner. As he find stuff he suggests: “Elk?” My answer? At $9.00 a lb? no way. Only Felix eats the elk. He doesn’t blink. “Turkey Breast? ” Nope, that’s for the dog treats I’m making tomorrow. “Hamburgers?” That’s not ground beef, that’s ground beef, organ meat & bone. You can’t cook it.

    He ordered a pizza.


    • Hahahahaha! Hilarious. That sounds not too different from our house. Somehow our life now revolves entirely around the dog. I wish I knew how it happened. There doesn’t seem to be any going back.


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