Dreams Can Come True

It seems like only a week ago when I was wishing for winter snow… Oh wait, I guess it was. Here it is, proof that if you wish for something hard enough, you just might get it.

This was the view outside our living room window last night just after I got home from work. You’ll notice it was still daylight; I actually got to leave the office early due to the storm. Much like the rain, Nova Scotia doesn’t do snow halfway. I think they said we received about thirty centimetres in total, just within a few short hours. Shiva’s pupils tripled in size when she first stepped out the door.

That snow was definitely not there when she last checked yesterday morning.

It came just in time. I was running out of photos to post on my blog. With it being so dark all the time, I hadn’t taken any new ones for a few days. I was resorting to my reject stash in order to have something other than my rambling to share. Thank you snow! You saved me from photographic bankruptcy!

Though I do apologize for the quality. It was dark by the time we went walking and even the brilliant white didn’t lend the ideal light. Apparently, I don’t care as I am showing the pictures anyway. It’s not about skill around here, folks. But I like to believe I make up for my zero-level of expertise with sheer quantity!

I forgot how exhausting it is to walk through snow. My thighs were burning after twenty minutes. Shiva was just as tired and slept well all night. Of course, she doesn’t exactly walk. After all, why trudge through when you can bounce?

So now that we’ve had our first storm, I am happy. The snow can melt anytime it pleases. Before I leave for work this morning would be nice.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! I hope you all enjoy your holiday!

16 thoughts on “Dreams Can Come True

  1. What a pretty snow. Thank you for sharing your pix.

    I’d much rather have snow than rain. And the dogs seem to agree, don’t they?

    I’ve never had a dog that frolicked and played in the rain. But all of mine have enjoyed the snow.

    Of course sunshine on the beach is even better. 🙂


  2. Hi, it looks very nice. Out here on the coast, it’s been raining with high winds but it stopped around mid-day yesterday. So we’re drying out a bit before 5 more days of rain starting this afternoon. My dad is already grumpy about getting wet walking me in the morning. Oh well, such is life.


  3. We are so jealous. OK, the dogs might be, but now that you reminded me about walking through…UGH!! I think we can wait for it to hold off a little longer! BOL!! But you can’t beat how beautiful it is.

    I agree, one day of snow is enough. Thanks I had my fill. 🙂


  4. *shudder* I am no cool with the snow at all. AT ALL. But I suppose if I had to choose rain or snow, snow would win. I suppose. I’m glad you had so much fun – and I love the pics even if the light is low. There’s nothing quite like a pup enjoying the snow, eh?


  5. shiva is so damn cute.

    half the reason i take so many pictures in the first place is so that i’ll have reserves should i need them. and even my “good” pictures are awful, because i don’t have a manual camera but i DO have craptastic lighting in my house.


  6. Hooray for snow!!! We never got any – but I’m glad you did! Portland, Oregon closes down when it snows . . people will actually leave their cars in the middle of the road and walk – it’s crazy! Glad you made it home in time to enjoy it 😉


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