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So NaBloPoMo has come to an end once more. I feel even more relieved about it this year than last, even without the medal I think I deserve.

Maybe because I only decided I was participating at the last minute? Maybe because November has yanked my hair out by the roots? Maybe because I have gotten lazier in my old age? 

Regardless, I am tremendously grateful I won’t feel like a criminal if I skip a day of posting. Not that I will. Opening up my laptop every morning is just habit now, almost as natural as my cup of tea. That said, I don’t think I am ready to tackle posting every single day for a whole year. I’ll leave that crazy scheme to Jodi Stone (Congratulations on making it to 365, Jodi!!).

Not that it hasn’t been rah-rah all around these past thirty days. To be sure I love a good challenge! But I feel like I’ve been neglecting my dog in all this NaBloPOMo-ing. Shiva isn’t going to teach herself to fetch that beer, after all!

As a reward for myself, and to you all for supporting me through this arduous journey, I thought it would be nice today to share the wiser words of my fellow (if I can be so bold as to use that word) bloggers:

“I’m starting to realize that at this childless and family-far-far-away period of my life that holidays in their traditional sense make me want to stab my eyes out with toothpicks. One at a time. Very slowly. Maybe even with a dash of tabasco just to really make things fun.” ~ The Accidental Olympian

“How many shelters and rescue groups have statistics regarding how many animals are still in their original home, with contented owners, a year after being adopted? And if they don’t have them, why not?” ~ Fearfuldogs’ Blog

“When the big time vet heard of her stem cell treatment, he was curious and asked who’s done it. Clearly, he was expecting a name of a fellow big shot.” ~ Dawg Business

Instead of looking at me, he would scout the surroundings for any dogs and locked in on them as a guided missile system. No matter how much I tried training it with Kenzo separately, on a walk together with Viva, Kenzo mistook it for a warning that danger is approaching.” ~ Kenzo the Hovawart

“It’s late, but I couldn’t help but share the wonderful news. Around 5 PM Wednesday night, Lady was found!” ~No Dog About It

“Which is when we discovered the suspension in the car was gone as well. “It’s part of the adventure!” our guide assured us, as our heads tried to dislocate from our cervical bones.” ~ Little Dogs on Long Leashes

“However, since I was worried that you might wrongly think me a materialistic, sterling silver-dripping jewelry snob, I played off my excitement by making apologies and including details about dog poop and toilet bowl water.”  ~ The Chronicles of Cardigan

“What these people didn’t know, however, that up until this point, all of my purported knowledge about dogs had come from books. I read voraciously, as I still do, but I had never actually lived with a dog myself.” ~ The Doggerel

Also, before I forget, Two Little Cavaliers is hosting a fantastic holiday event. If you are interested in winning some cold, hard cash, while also supporting animal welfare, I recommend checking it out!

Happy December, everyone!

18 thoughts on “Jabber Jabber

  1. I think you’ve done a fantastic job with the daily posting!! It’s so hard to come up with something interesting to talk about every single day. I tried that for a while and I found myself getting bored with some of the posts as I was writing them, so I ended up not posting. So kudos to you for keeping it interesting and putting in the effort!:0)


  2. I think that you did a great job. Particularly as your posts were detailed, thoughtful and usually purpose driven pieces rather than a collection of short “one-liners”. It’s getting cold out here on the coast but for once it’s going to be sunny and cool for the next few days. Hope you have sunny skies too.


  3. Congrats on finishing NaBloPoMo. I think you did a great job of keeping your posts excellent day after day. That was my biggest struggle.

    And you topped it off with some excellent quotes.

    I had a good post idea for this a.m. that got derailed because some crazy blogger I read told me to try 1 thing I’ve never done before. That’s why I’m typing w/1 hand while my new foster puppy sleeps in my lap.

    More details to follow at my blog.

    Oh yeah. It’s all your fault!


    • Yayayayayayayayay! I am so excited. I saw your comment on Love and a Leash and I think I almost squealed. At work. It’s a good thing I now have my own office!

      I hate to sound trite or mushy, but this news, combined with the news about Lady, has totally made my day. Thank you for this. December has already started off in a fantastic way! Screw you, November!


  4. Happy December!

    After being away – and now catching up from being away – I’m looking forward to catching up on the several posts missed! I’m not sure how you did it, but you DO deserve a medal!


  5. You are so funny. And that quote somehow looks much smarter over here than at my place. 🙂

    You’ve succeeded at getting my curiosity quite piqued today, and some new for me blogs, as that. Thanks!

    Also, CONGRATS on finishing the month. It’s interesting, as I’ve read several blog posts these couple days from other bloggers who’ve been posting every day in Nov., every single author has conveyed a sense of relief. Many even announced extended blog breaks. One sounded like he might quit blogging altogether. 😦 Glad that isn’t the case with you. Enjoy your December weekends off!


  6. Good for you Kristine!!! Posting every day is certainly challenging and you embraced the challenge and did an excellent job. Considering how you’ve embraced Shiva I’m not in the least surprised.

    Thank you for the congratulations and the shout out, it is greatly appreciated.

    You will read exactly whether I met the one year challenge (or not) later today when I get that blog post up. 🙂


  7. Congrats on your finish. I made a grand effort at NaNoWriMo but fell short by a good bit, more because my book didn’t need a full 50,000 words than anything else.


  8. Wonderful post. You write well very consistently – be kind to yourself. The quotes are awesome; I perused Fearful Dog since I don’t follow up a year later on adopted dogs and I should…..ouch, as I told Debbie. I love reading very good writing but don’t write to that level – yet :). Kudos!


  9. Thanks for the quote love.
    Congrats with your achievement of posting on a daily basis, I would like to try it as well one day, but for now it is definitely a bridge to far. And probably, like you, it will make me feel guilty towards K&V.


  10. I’ve never understood how people can blog every single day. I try to do 2-3 posts a week and it almost always means being awake past midnight working on them. Yesterday for example, I made a 1st day of summer post [I felt I had to – I was so neglecting Georgia’s story!]. That of course meant I went to bed past midnight, which meant I had to have a siesta mid day today, as a result of which I still haven’t done my laundry, vacumming and cleaning of bathrooms. It’s the domino theory in real life!

    You are a superwoman Ms K! Damn it! Please take the weekend off so us lesser bloggers won’t feel so useless.

    Is that snow already on the ground? Yegods. I feel for you 🙂

    p.s. Thanks for reading about our adventures. My neck still hurts – though that might have more to do with sitting at the computer too long. I can’t blame The Guide for everything!


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