Can’t Turn Down a Challenge!

 I wasn’t exaggerating when I said November was a rough month for Team Shiva. As per usual, it was my least favourite month of the year and I am very excited to see it end. Now that we are on the other side, I feel I can be more positive. This morning’s pretty sunrise felt like a fresh start.

I am re-learning how to be grateful for the little things, like my dog’s brilliant stay. Just look at her standing there on that dock, her least favourite place in the whole world, simply because I asked her to do so. It’s moments like these that remind me the important things, such as my relationships with my family, will never change.

How is that for cheeseball sentimentality?

Mmmm… Cheese….

But I digress. What I was going to ask today – before I lost my mind and turned all maudlin – was how you all are doing with this week’s challenge? I hear someone has far surpassed all expectation. So far, in fact, that I feel I need to do something bigger than I originally planned. Something more exciting than, say, ordering pizza with anchovies.

There is going to be some stiff competition, folks! But I think you are all up to it. Your “new thing” need not be as life-altering as taking in a foster puppy, but I hope at the very least you have been inspired to consider things in ways you never have before. Because this is only the beginning. I have ideas, people. If this preliminary challenge turns out to be a success, who knows where we can take things?

Don’t you want to find out?

Speaking of challenges… It seems to be my year for them! The human of Mister Rugby Sevens has also issued one of her own. Every year around this time, she tasks herself with posting a new photo every day. The only caveat? The photo must include her dog and it must include the colours red and green. It’s a kind of holiday countdown. Fun, right? As I like to stress myself over silly things, I decided to join in. Normally I avoid displays of photographic skill, but I decided this one is less about talent and more about creativity. Since I am already one day behind, I’d better get on it!

14 thoughts on “Can’t Turn Down a Challenge!

  1. Beautiful pictures! The one on the dock is fantastic! I am still thinking on your challenge (well haven’t had time to think much this week). Running out of time….lol.


  2. Yeah! So glad we get to see red and green Shiva pictures too! 🙂 I am usually a chicken about trying new things, so we have been planning our brand new adventure carefully. It may end up being something simple like starting my homework more than 24 hours before it is due. Who knows. It could get pretty crazy around here.


    • LOL. Simple works! Really, I’d be super-thrilled if you just tried. 🙂

      I can be a chicken too, so I totally get it. It’s one of the reasons I started a life list. There are so many things I’d love to do but I never seem to get up the nerve or make myself go out and do them. Courageous Kristine I am not. But I am working on it!


  3. Hi, Shiva looks great with a bow. My dad’s thing was to get all his term papers read and marked for one class over 2 days. It was a struggle but he succeeded. Now he can take me for a walk while it’s still sunny and dry.


    • That is no easy task to be sure. I hope his eyes are okay after all that reading. I can only imagine the struggle. No doubt some were easier to mark than others.

      Thanks for joining in!


  4. Hmmm…. I think I’ve technically fulfilled the challenge, but not with much fanfare.

    For example, at dinner at friends’ last night, I did not pick the black olives off the pizza (because we were at someone else’s house and it would’ve be rude). In all other respects, I am not a picky eater – unless it’s black olives. But I sucked it up, and I survived.

    I also walked a new dog for the first time. We’re dog-sitting Dion, a Golden Retriever, for a few days, so I took her and Alma out together last night.

    But I haven’t really done anything startling or adrenaline-pumping, like try skydiving or driving through NE Calgary with the car doors unlocked.

    I look foward to seeing what other readers have planned or completed, and maybe I’ll pick up some ideas!


    • That’s too bad you don’t like them, but I am very proud of you for trying. You definitely get points for that.

      However, those points may be deducted for that slam. First you make fun of Forest Lawn and now you are bashing the NE too? Is there any part of Calgary you deem safe? Everyone knows Sunridge Mall is the place to be in Calgary. Sadly, I used to go there a lot while I waited for my bus. Ah, the good old days.


      • Hahaha. For the record, the NE is THE quadrant to be in if you’re looking for the best Indian food in the City! But I am a tried and true NW-er: rarely east of Deerfoot or south of Glenmore.

        But perhaps I should’ve slammed Edmonton instead – they’re having a rough year up there.


  5. I look forward to Samantha’s red, white and green photos every year now! She does some really creative things with them!

    Our new adventure this week is our own puppy. We’ve always had adult dogs, and the puppy is definitely a challenge. The two hours I used to spend on the blog every afternoon are now spent wrestling with the puppy! I think I need a lifetime supply of Mederma now!


  6. With these challenges and life lists I have to ask, are you a fan of Chris Guillebeau? And if so, are you intending to visit every country in the world too?


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