Red and Green Challenge, Day Two

I promise I will be more creative as time goes by, but I couldn’t resist this easy opportunity. I saw the dog, the blanket, and the old magazine, and thought: magic! Isn’t that what the season is all about?

10 thoughts on “Red and Green Challenge, Day Two

  1. Shiva looks like she’s saying, “Really Ma? This is the best you can do? WHy don’t we go find some pizza with green peppers? That would make my day!”


  2. Works for us! Plus, any photo of Shiva is a guaranteed hit, and this one is particularly good. We love this challenge idea, but are too lazy to participate ourselves, so we are going to be cheering you on instead, ok?


  3. Hey looks like I’m a year late! But that’s one cute picture. I’m doing the red and green Advent calendar this year…and I’ll take any photo op I can find! Hope 2011 and 2012 were great years for you…now onto 2013!


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