Red and Green Challenge, Day Six

There has been some doubt as to the authenticity of my colours during the first few days of this challenge – originally issued by Mister Rugby Sevens. I gotta say, I am more than a little wounded by your accusations that I would cheat. Hopefully today’s photo will satisfy even the most discriminatory eye. If anyone wants to question my integrity, meet me under the red slide in five.

ETA: I did not mean to imply the venerable Rugby ever insinuated I was anything less than honest! I am so sorry if it sounded that way! If I am going to call anyone out publicly… Well… I think I will keep my thoughts to myself for now. 😉

8 thoughts on “Red and Green Challenge, Day Six

  1. Hey listen, don’t take it to heart. Rugby Sevens may have a different view but that’s okay. I like coming to your blog and reading your posts. It’s nice reading about what happens on your side of the country. I’m enjoying your challenge. So keep going and don’t bother with anything else, okay?


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