Red and Green Challenge, Day Eight

Since my earlier post was all about The Cat, I figured it was only fitting he be my subject in tonight’s holiday countdown picture. This was the photo I was struggling to capture, when I realized I really need to work on kitty stays. He kept moving close to the camera. Like eyeball-to-the-lens close. I couldn’t keep him still! It made me realize how hard Shiva and I worked to really nail the sit-stays. It was money in the bank I will never regret. Hopefully I am up for the feline version!

Shiva was kind enough to lend her favourite squeaky ball for the occasion. I think she was glad to have a break from posing duty. Clearly it has seen better days.

8 thoughts on “Red and Green Challenge, Day Eight

  1. That is a great picture. Your kitty is so cute. Mine runs when she sees the camera. She would never try to be eyeball to eyeball with “that machine”. I usually get her tail or a black blur. 🙂


  2. Very cute! believe it or not we had “30” cat’s in our house. My mom love it, But I love most “Jan” my pet dog. The only dog in our house.


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