Red and Green Challenge, Day Ten

Here we are waiting for agility class to begin. Shiva can’t take her eyes off the dogs in the class before us. Waiting is one of Shiva’s biggest stressors. In any environment outside of home, inactivity creats anxiety, anxiety creates hyper-activity, hyper-activity creates zoomies and potentially total freak-out mode. I normally try to avoid situations that require her to sit around too long. When I can’t, I become the human pez dispenser.

In case you can’t tell, the couch is red, and the fence is green. So there.

5 thoughts on “Red and Green Challenge, Day Ten

    • I appreciate that! This challenge has been tougher than I expected. We need to get out more to some new places if I am going to finish without duplications!


  1. that description is pretty much Luna too, unless she is already tired. Dog shows are one of the few places that she will sit still with minimal fussing. But she is probably most use to having to wait there as she has done that since she was 6 months old. I too will work tricks and treats to refocus her. I think your photo counts too lol


    • Sitting around is so hard for an active dog who likes to be doing, doing, doing. It can’t always be avoided, though. Since I am a pretty impatient person as well, I get where she is coming from in a way. I like to think we are learning this skill together. ๐Ÿ™‚


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