Red and Green Challenge, Day Eleven

I never noticed before how many – or how few – colours there are in our home. Evidently we are not all that adventurous with our decorating style.

But then, when everything is just going to end up covered in pet fur, I can’t really be bothered. We’ll just call it “Canine Chic.”

15 thoughts on “Red and Green Challenge, Day Eleven

  1. Shiva’s expressions are hilarious.

    We are working on a new trick….”the penguin” (where the dog takes steps forward in the beg position), don’t think we’ll ever get it, but I bet Shiva could do it! She already has the standing still penguin look down pat.


  2. Shiva is so darn cute! Our house is the exact opposite – waaaaaaay too much colour. It’s like a seizure waiting to happen in here. My other half’s stuff was all in comic book colours and mine in vintage range, turquoise apple green…so far, in five years neither of us has budged an inch on the decor, so our living room looks like two designers got into a fight. It’s tragic.


  3. Oh Shiva, you are TOO CUTE!!

    I decided after doing a bit of painting that I’m just going to paint the walls white – that way I don’t have to worry about ‘cutting in’ the ceiling cornices! that is how lazy I am!


  4. Hey, don’t sweat it! You are doing great with the red/green thing. I’d have real trouble-my house is all green/purple/brown! LOL

    Shiva looks really cute in this pose. 😀


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