Red and Green Challenge, Day Nineteen

Apparently my Mukluks aren’t as sartorially awesome as I thought. It’s so embarrassing being my dog. What a hard life Shiva leads.

Nothing a few pieces of kibble can’t fix!

11 thoughts on “Red and Green Challenge, Day Nineteen

  1. are we scraping the bottom of the barrel with the green and red here? ;p

    HOW did i miss your last post? i know how. because i can’t read properly or comment on the iphone which is how i read blogs most days now – on the bus!!!! urgh. anyway, glad i clicked on your link – hilarious! and thank goodness i will NEVER have to experience that brrrr here. [although it IS a nippy 18C or so here today.]

    Shivs in the antlers and sweater pic is to die for. please keep her thus outfitted for the duration of the Christmas season.


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