Red and Green Challenge, Day Twenty One

Tonight my PH took over dog walking duties. It gave me a chance to hang out with The Cat. Obviously, I spent most of this time trying to snap a good photo of him for the holiday countdown. After many, many minutes of frustration and many, many pieces of Kitty Crack, otherwise known as Whiskas Temptations, I settled on the one that didn’t completely suck.

He looks like he’s about to swear at me, doesn’t he. Trust me, it’s the best of the lot. Apparently getting a cat to stay still when you want him to is like getting Shiva away from a full dish of food. Impossible. Even though he spends most of his day laying in one spot, the instant I come around and actually ask him to do so, he becomes Mr. Hyperactivity. As proof, here are some of the outtakes:

Yes, he is indeed sticking his tongue out at me in the last one. Just for that, no more junkfood treats for him! He’s going to get good quality cookies from now on. Mwahahahaha!



8 thoughts on “Red and Green Challenge, Day Twenty One

  1. I think that is a most artistic shot. You have captured the essence of Cat who thinks most of what humans do is beyond reason, but if there are noms involved…


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