Happy New Year to All!

New Year’s Day is always bittersweet. It’s the day I reserve for putting all the holiday decorations away and cleaning the house so it is fresh for the New Year. There is a lot to look back on and a lot to celebrate. I am not big on resolutions, mostly because I just get depressed when I inevitably break them. I do have some goals for 2012 that I will probably discuss in more detail another time.

For those that don’t remember, last year I got Shiva to make a list of her goals for 2011. I gotta, say, she did a pretty bang up job of achieving them. Other than the weave poles, sadly. We’re still not much further along as far as they are concerned. I am determined to get them right this year! And even if we don’t, I hope we have a blast trying.

I don’t know yet what my dog hopes to accomplish in the next twelve months. I imagine her goals are much the same year after year. I envy that. I envy her confidence and ability to roll with whatever life swings at her. As long as she has a warm blanket to lay on, a full bowl of kibble to scarf, some tug toys to destroy, and a soft hand to scratch her ears, she will remain satisfied. We should all be so lucky.

Here’s to 2012! I can’t wait to see what it brings for us all!

16 thoughts on “Happy New Year to All!

  1. I always enjoy the new, relaxed feeling that comes with New Year’s Day. You know, that feeling that there’s a whole year ahead of you to get things done? lol

    I hope 2012 brings you and Shiva much happiness and many happy memories!


  2. Making resolutions is too much like work. I so want to evolve to the point of being a dog–responding to what’s in front of me without worrying about the future.

    That said, it’s great that you have Shiva’s goals in writing so you can enjoy looking back at your progress. You two have accomplished a lot this year.

    I loved the picture. I don’t usually see Shiva’s ear’s flying so high. 🙂

    Be good to yourself. Be good to Shiva. Enjoy the blessings of 2012.


  3. Hi Kristine, Happy New Year to you, Shiva and your PH. Now about that list of things that would make Shiva “satisfied”, you forgot to add yourself in there. There’s only a vague reference to a “soft hand to scratch her ears”. I’m pretty darn sure that she’d want you to do the scratching. And about you, well – you have Shiva, a nice home, a job, people who love/like you, a lake near your home, and a PH to scratch your ears, you should be so lucky. I know that I am. You’re a good cookie Kristine.


  4. I’m with you Kristine. I am not much on making resolutions. I also feel a bit of sadness when the decorations come down, but I also love the feeling a new year gives you – a fresh start. I always feel like starting off a new year is a chance to get it right. This year I am doing a Vision Board and will be placing it in a spot where I can see it and be reminded what I want to accomplish this year, and what I want to continue to work towards in the coming years. I think I felt so lost in 2011 that I just floated through it, barely thinking about it. This year I want to intentionally take it all in.

    I imagine my dogs and Shiva could care less about a new year because every day is a fresh start for them, but I do envy them for not caring about the things we worry about most: making enough money to live, whether people like us or not, feeling like we’ve achieved something (whether that be dog training, moving up the corporate ladder, etc.), and living a life we can be proud of.

    I hope that you have a renewed energy and fresh start this year and that Shiva continues to remind you that you are special. Happy New Year!


  5. Visions and goals = good
    Resolutions = future crappy New Year’s Eve 2012
    Why does everything have to hinge on the Earth’s orbit?
    What ever happened to taking one day at a time? Living in the moment?
    (Okay, I’m done.) 😉

    You’ve got lots to be proud of, this blog for one giant thing. Shiva, the PH and even The Cat are lucky to have you. Enjoy yourself in 2012!


  6. I gave up on making resolutions a few years ago because they just bummed me out too! I have goals, but no resolutions.
    Here’s to each of us achieving our goals in 2012!


  7. Such great picture of Shiva! Happy 2012! I never make resolutions either. . But I do intend to be a better blogger 🙂 I look forward to reading all about your adventures!


  8. I love all the Christmas decorations but I have to admit I get tired of things being displaced and really can’t wait to put everything back in place. New Year’s day is normally the day I reserve for putting things back together and making everything neat and tidy again. You are right, start the year off fresh and clean.

    No matter what you do this year Kristine, you and Shiva will rock it. You always do.

    Happy New Year!


  9. so you were industrious on the 1st day. nothing wrong with that. i always make it a point to start the new year with a clean house and clothes. i even take a shower and insist The Other Half and Georgia do the same. haha.

    it looks cold where you are. my thoughts are with you as i bask in the hot sun that’s finally arrived in Sydney. Sorry to rub it in.

    Have a happy year, Kristine and Shiva! 🙂 x


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