The Winner of the Mr. Chewy Gift Certificate Is…

As today was a day off work, I decided I didn’t feel like posting anything this morning. It’s the last day off I will get until Easter break and I wanted to milk it for every last drop. But, the guilt eventually got to me. Today was also the day I said I would announce the winner of the Mr. Chewy giveaway. So I have dragged myself to the computer and have forced myself to run the comments through

It’s a hard life.

Before you feel overly sorry for me, I should mention how I have a glass of rum and eggnog sitting on the table next to me. And a man making me dinner in the kitchen.

Anyway, it’s time for the big moment! The winner of the $50.00 from Mr. Chewy is…

True Random Number GeneratorMin: 1Max: 31 Result:7

Eryka of Kahuna’s K9s!!


Eryka, you can expect an email from me with the promo code. I hope you find lots of awesome treats for your well-deserving animals!

Everyone else, thanks a million for participating and sharing your thoughts. Hopefully if other companies are as generous as Mr Chewy, I will be able to offer many more similar giveaways in the future. *hint hint* *nudge nudge*

7 thoughts on “The Winner of the Mr. Chewy Gift Certificate Is…

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  2. The dog and cats would all want treats and I might get them some food too got to keep the furry faces stomachs happy…


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