The Final State of the Antler

It pains me to write this post, it really does. But I can’t let it go on any longer.

December 31st was the final day of Rescued Insanity’s Ultimate Antler Contest. December 31st was also the day Shiva said goodbye to her Destructo Dog title.

The house wins. The antler remains intact.

I don’t know what happened! After I announced the contest, Shiva attacked the giant antler with renewed energy. Within a few days, she had done some major damage to both ends. Total annihilation seemed within her grasp. But then something went wrong. She seemed to lose interest in preference for an old marrow bone. A marrow bone! Oh, the humiliation of defeat! She is not the dog I thought I knew.

I guess it was just too much for her. Perhaps it was my fault. Maybe I didn’t give her enough time. Maybe I put to much pressure on her. A dog, even an intense dog like her, can only take so much.

I know deep down she didn’t want to let anyone down. Shiva is nothing if not appreciative of her fans. If she could type, I am sure she would have something poignant to say about how sorry she is to disappoint you. She gave it her all, but this time, it just wasn’t enough.

Despite it all, I am going to give her another chance. I am going to let her keep the antler and give her time to finish it off. Over the holidays, a good friend of mine generously gifted her with a brand-new antler, half the size of the one shown above. Showing an amazing rallying of spirits, Shiva destroyed this new antler within a matter of hours. Here is a photo of her taken on Christmas Day, only a third of it left:

This antler was quickly demolished a few minutes later, proof that she has it in her to be a truly destructive champion. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon. Soon, Shiva will conquer all. I have faith she will one day regain her title and reign queen once again.

Thanks to all who thought she could do it. I know she couldn’t have achieved half as much success without you. Your loyalty is as important to her now as ever. Hopefully eventually, she will do you proud.

24 thoughts on “The Final State of the Antler

  1. I figured the antler would win… they are amazing chews–Particularly when they start out the size of the dog’s head! I only use the ‘whole’ antlers (or occasionally the cut elk/moose antler pieces)… someone gave me a split piece before and like with Shiva, it was gone quickly.


  2. Now in Shiva’s defense I want to make sure that Momma knows that there are different “hardness” levels of antlers. Maybe you already knew that? But incase you didn’t perhaps that is what happened here!? I have bought 100’s of antlers over the last year for my fur children and have learned from some very nice ebay sellers that there are differences in them. There are some they will destroy in a matter of minutes and some that are still hanging around a year later. Perhaps that is what has happend here? Maybe the challenge antler was one of the really hard ones???


  3. That antler was gigantic. I found the same thing with Elli. I bought her one that must’ve been the same size as Shiva’s because she, too, didn’t let anything smaller last. I gave it to her in October and it’s only lost about 1-1.5 inches. I think it must be that it just isn’t as reinforcing to chew and chew and chew and get nothing for it. The smaller ones allowed for more success, albeit more money spent in the long run. Dang dogs.


  4. In my experiance even the most resiliant of dog treats usually meet with a fitting end much more quickly than their marketing teams would lead you to believe!


  5. I love this blog! Shiva reminds me so much of our own Evie. Evie is smaller but from all I read she and Shiva share a lot in temperament.

    I just knew she’d take out that antler. I wonder if 2browndawgs is right and she felt the need for a spare. Our dogs will do that. Especially with kibble, if it’s the last bit of kibble and they see me throw the bag away no one will touch it until the new bag comes in – it’s only a couple of hours usually, but still there it is when I get back! lol.

    I was wondering though, why do people give dogs antlers and hooves and whatnot to chew? I mean I do it because they seem to like it, but is there some physiological reason? Is there something they get from them that they don’t get elsewhere? Just curious, if you happen to know.
    Either way, thanks for sharing your and Shiva’s adventures! You guys rock!


  6. *cracks up* Oh Shiva, sometimes we learn as much from our failures as we do from our successes! I’m sure you now have the perfect plan for antler annihilation within your paws!


  7. I was actually wondering about Shiva’s bone the other day! I’m actually impressed she got that far. My dogs had much smaller bones and they look nothing like Shiva’s. In fact, I dare say our progress has been much less impressive than Shiva’s! 🙂


  8. Wow, that is still huge. Maybe she finds it a little too big. We got Koly a large one and he is NOT into it. I have to remember to get out the saw and split it into two! Way to go antler! You beat us all


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