Blue Monday? More like Whew! Monday!

There has been a lot of heavy posting lately. With Blog the Change yesterday and the Pet Blogger Challenge last Tuesday my brain is on strike. Today is also Blue Monday, the mathematically determined most depressing day of the year. Though the numbers may be sketchy, I am willing to believe it. The temperatures outside are enough to send me into full hibernation mode. There is just too much weighing us all down these days.

Thus, I am determined to keep it light this week. It’s gonna be nothing but calorie-free whipped cream around here for the next five days. I thought I’d kick it all off with one of the happiest videos I have seen in a long time.

Those of you kind enough to follow me on Facebook have probably already seen this, but if you haven’t yet, you are in for a meringue-topped surprise!

Blue Monday can kiss my unfurry behind!

14 thoughts on “Blue Monday? More like Whew! Monday!

  1. Hahaha! That video is great! Perfect thing to add a little sunshine since winter has finally arrived here – and it’s not messing around, as last night had a “feels like” of -30. Alma actually got cold on the walk. Yuck.


  2. Our friends in Australia and New Zealand would probably argue with it being Blue Monday. But I am glad I didn’t read your post earlier. I might have gone back to bed.

    I loved your video. I think this will join my list of happy things to watch when I want a nice thought to take to bed with me.


  3. I did see this on Facebook; that dog is having a blast. I had never heard of Blue Monday! The weather here is mild so I have no complaints except we expect rain tonight which is always a bummer. To keep things light, I am off to walk Justus and get my hair cut! Byee!


  4. That dog is like Peppe Le Puew…. you know, the skunk that was always chasing after the poor unfortunate black kitty in the Warner Brothers cartoon? 😉


  5. I never heard of Blue Monday before…you learn something new every day. I’m not surprised about it, really. By this time of year, we’re expecting the days to be noticeably longer, we’re tired of winter (even with as easy a winter as this one has been)…..

    But, dogs really help, don’t then? ^^


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