Join the Internet Strike on January 18 to Stop US Government’s Stupid Laws

So much for fluff week. Thanks to Something Wagging This Way Comes and Will My Dog Hate Me, I have been convinced to take a small break from taking a break. Unfortunately, reality has bitten and the US government has decided it has the power to control what individuals share on the Internet. Even when said individuals live in other countries and vote for other governments.

It’s irking.*

If you haven’t heard the aggravating news, please take the time to watch the video:

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

Pissed off? Why not focus your rage and sign the petition?

I have decided to join the strike, along with such elevated wesbites as Wikipedia and WordPress, and as such will be blacking out my website for 24 hours on January 18.

Won’t you join in and take a stand for creativity on the Internet?

 *Irking isn’t a word, I know. The word I should have used is irksome. But I retain the right to make up my own words as I please.

5 thoughts on “Join the Internet Strike on January 18 to Stop US Government’s Stupid Laws

  1. Careful… US government, at this rate, may take away your right to make up your own words.

    My blog is going dark tomorrow but the business page will stay up… still need to make monies 🙂


  2. Glad to have inspired you to spread the word; I’m looking forward to tomorrow’ holiday from the internet.

    I like to make words up too, and I think “irking” is an excellent one1


  3. Thanks for sharing this Kristine, I hadn’t heard about it but I have joined the protest. And of course, I will be sending an e-mail to my senator.


  4. Sounds very evil. Funny how governments who make fun of China for their authoritarian ways and censorship of the internet are now trying to follow their example.


  5. Glad you participated–and it seems all the good work of yourself and others has had an effect on those who make these decisions. I tried to participate, but couldn’t figure out how to black out my blog 🙂


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