The WAFFiness Continues

Back to our regularly scheduled fluff week.

I actually wasn’t planning on posting today. During yesterday’s break due to the strike, I managed to get a lot of stuff done. Stuff I didn’t think I would ever get to this decade. When it came time to write something again this morning, it was too tempting to just keep the laptop closed and snuggle with the dog instead. So I did. The Kristine from a year ago would be appalled.

This evening, I was enjoying my computer-free time so much, I even shrugged at the idea of returning to the blogging world tomorrow. Maybe next week, I thought. Would anyone even notice?

And then I checked my phone. Waiting for me was an incredibly warm, incredibly flattering email from a reader I’d never heard from before. She wasn’t asking for help. She didn’t have a question or a product she was hoping I’d review. She just wanted to let me know how much she enjoyed reading about Shiva. Just to be nice.

It was the perfect motivation. After that, I figured at the very least I owed her another post with a cute animal video.

On Monday I shared one of the happiest dog videos I’d ever seen. It included a link to Intrigued, I had to check it out. It seems the entire site is filled with many adorable user-submitted videos. With a focus on pet adoption, the people behind the site have complied some pretty fantastic resources. If you’ve got a few hours to kill – because you will get sucked in – I recommend checking it out.

It was difficult selecting just one video to share with you. Do I link to the one with the somersaulting cat? Or maybe the one with the husky scarfing kibble off the kitchen floor?

I think you’ll agree the one I finally chose was perfect.

May your dreams be filled with marshmallows and lollipops!

7 thoughts on “The WAFFiness Continues

  1. So glad you didn’t take more time off, as Song and I would miss your posts as well.

    Had to smile at the video:) Off to check out that site now.


  2. What a gentle JRT. Great choice.

    I’m glad you got some needed encouragement. I can relate to the weariness that comes from intensive blogging. I hope you can strike a happy medium (although if you do, be careful because she might put a hex on you). 🙂


  3. Isn’t it amazing how a few kind words can change your whole perspective? Glad you enjoyed the day off (I’m glad someone else felt like I did. I enjoyed the extra day immensely and I really phoned it in on Thursday with a “You Had Me at Woof” post).


  4. Could you have another fluff week for those of us who didn’t make time to stop and smell the fluffy roses the first time? Or even for those who did?

    Fluff is underrated as far as I’m concerned and so are unexpected encouraging notes from fans!


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