Announcing the Winner of Pet Naturals of Vermont Giveaway!

I was under the mistaken impression that January was supposed to be a relaxing month. After the nuttiness of the holiday season, the first month of the year is usually earmarked for hibernation. Flat broke and frozen, people keep their schedules empty. If this is true, how come I feel busier than ever? After this last weekend, I feel ready for another vacation.

Our usual Saturday agility class was cancelled this weekend, though not for the standard reason. A few hours before we arrived, a friend’s seven-month-old Nova Scotia Duck Toller puppy slipped her collar in the parking lot just outside the daycare door where classes are held. Spooked by a snow plow, she took off, ran up a busy downtown street and around a corner. Her owner had no chance to catching her or calling her back. When our agility instructor found out what happened, she immediately cancelled the rest of the day’s classes and organized a search.

Once again, it was amazing to see just how many people come together when a dog is missing. People who didn’t even know my friend or her adorable puppy drove around the city to see if they could spot her. We all knew it could happen to us one day. My friend is one of the most responsible dog owners in the world. She has put hundreds of hours into training her young dog. If it can happen to her, it can happen to anyone. It’s comforting to know that like my friend, I would have a whole team on my side.

Luckily, this puppy was found after a few short hours. Though I am sure they didn’t feel short to her human. The dog’s breeder came out with her mother and tracked her to a backyard just several blocks away. If that isn’t the sign of a breeder who cares, I don’t know what is. When my PH and I returned to the daycare hoping for news after performing a search of our own, I almost cried when I heard the word “found.”  The dog in question was no worse for wear. She even joined us at an agility workshop the following day. The resilience of dogs is a remarkable thing. I only hope her owner has bounced back as well.

I am sure it would take me several days – weeks, months – to calm down after such an experience.

Speaking of calming down… It’s time to announce the winner of my Pet Naturals of Vermont Calming treats giveaway!

Doo doo doo doo doo doo!*

The winner of a year’s supply of calming treats via’s random number generator is…

Julie from The Daily Dog Blog! Congratulations, Julie! I’ll be contacting you for your address.

Thanks to everyone who entered! Even if you didn’t win, Pet Naturals of Vermont still has many free trial sizes available. Click this link to find out how to get yours!

*This is supposed to be trumpet music. Just in case you couldn’t tell. Not that it isn’t obvious.

11 thoughts on “Announcing the Winner of Pet Naturals of Vermont Giveaway!

  1. So there is order in the universe. Your friend’s pup was found. And Julie won the calming treats. She has a pup in her house who could really use them.

    BTW, you have to be careful about using the phrase doo doo doo doo doo doo in a dog blog. You know where all our minds go. 🙂


  2. “Flat broke and frozen” – That about describes me right now!

    And it can totally happen to anyone. Collars slip off, clips come undone,and leashes can break. It’s nice to hear that others in the dog loving community help out so much when it happens to others.

    So glad the pup was found!


  3. Hi, we’re glad that the puppy was found safe and unharmed as well. All of our walking people buckle our leads to both our “sensation harnesses” and our regular collars when we’re out walking. There are simply too many cars and trucks and we’re no match for them.


  4. I breathed an audible sigh of relief when I read the word found. It is amazing how the fear of losing a dog will spur the whole community into action.

    Also, LOVE LOVE LOVE the trumpet music. I often feel like Kol’s Notes posts have a soundtrack that *no one else can hear*. It’s a shame really (or maybe not. Should I really be inviting people further into the three ring circus in my head? Probably not.)


  5. Wow! I feel the need to calm down after reading that blog post (had my heart in my mouth till I READ the word ‘found.’ )But I don’t think Vermont Naturals is going to do it for me. I may require something stronger. SO happy for your friend AND the puppy that she is home safely!


  6. It’s always super scary when someone gets loose! I kjnow I’ve given my mom a few heartattacks when I was younger. So glad they were able to find the pup!


  7. YAY!!!!! I was just catching up on all of my blogs – what a wonderful surprise!!! I’m so glad they found the puppy and I’m sure that it would take me days to recover too!!


  8. I’ve been lucky that I’ve only been in search parties so far, and I’ve had a few brief close calls over the years, but fortunately, I’ve never been the person who’s lost a dog. I think it’s pretty cool that your kennel club organized a search!


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