From Badassery to Zoomery and Everything in Between

The more observant among you may have noticed my sidebar has changed. My Year of Badassery is over. I wish I could say it was a grand achievement. The first half of 2011 was far more momentous than the last. It began well and then sort of drifted into bits of nothingness.

Yes, I do realize how self-pitying this sounds.

Whine, whine, whine, WHHHHIIINNNNNNNNEEE.

All throughout January I have been banging my head on my desk trying to come up with a theme for this year. I was tempted to just call it “Badassery 2.0” but that rang inadequate. And outstandingly dorky. Nothing takes the edge off a word like “badassery” than a computer software reference. I can’t say why I feel a need for a word to sum up 2012. I’ve never been a resolution kind of gal. I liked the motivation I had last year, I suppose, even if it dwindled. Maybe I’m hoping I can re-ignite whatever it was that pushed me to do crazy things last year. There is still a long list of items I’d still love to accomplish. Another rallying cry might be just the thing.

On January 23, people around the world celebrated the Lunar New Year, more commonly known as Chinese New Year. 2012 is the Year of the Dragon. According to my sources (ie. Wikipedia) the Dragon is an incredibly lucky symbol, bringing optimism and power. Thinking on this, I wanted to come up with my own emblem that would allude to the same thing: positive change.

I’d all but given up until yesterday, when I read this post from Life with Sampson and Delilah… The 411. Jodi said this: “Don’t be afraid to stick your nose in the snow, you never know what you will discover.”

Instantly, I was inspired. That is exactly the attitude I am wanting to cultivate in myself. If you go back through my archives, you’ll find quite a few posts about courage. More specifically, you’ll find a lot of posts about my severe lack of the stuff. I do think I have improved a lot in this area – I am actually capable of talking to strangers now – but I still find many reasons to hold myself back.

I am ridiculously hard on myself. Though I’ve always known this, I never felt ready to do something about it before. Now I want to learn how to talk to myself the same way I talk to others. It’s time to start showing myself the same kindness. I want the coming months to be all about trying new things, making mistakes without berating myself, and celebrating my successes, no matter how small.

This year, I want to shove my whole face into the snow, just to see what happens.

Thanks to Jodi, here is my official new badge for 2012:


Zoomery is not a word, but it’s root (zoom, or “zoomies”) is one with which I am very familiar. My dog Shiva embodies the concept every single day of her life and I would like to learn how to do the same.

Any joiners?

22 thoughts on “From Badassery to Zoomery and Everything in Between

  1. Ooh … a year of Zoomery! I can only imagine that Tucker would be thrilled with this … and as he is my little four-legged guru, I think I will try to follow his, and your, example, and make 2012 a year of Zoomery. Just what will this entail … I wonder?


  2. i might be too old for zoomies [i always wondered what they were]. i also discovered my triggers for 2012 in another blog. 2 words – “mindfulness” and “courage”. thinking about it, maybe “courage” is very close to “zoomery” 🙂

    have fun with it, Ms K! That’s all that counts x


  3. Zoomery – now that’s a good focus for the year! And your comment about talking to yourself in the same way you talk to (and encourage) others is a point well-taken. Time to come out of the shadows and see that everything is new every day;) Mistakes? Being wrong is how we *all* learn, and do better next time – there is no shame in it. It is a function of being human. Let the celebrations begin =)


  4. Hi Kristine, there’s no snow out here right now but sure, I’m game. If you want to stick your face in the “snow”. I’m okay with doing it with you but I think we should double-check the ground first. Don’t want to put our little faces in stuff we’d rather not. We could also do zoomies together too. Bring Shiva though.


  5. Zoomery!! I LOVE it! The year of Zoomery is wonderful, I can’t wait to see where it takes you.

    Thanks for the shout out, I can’t believe it. I got a shout out on Rescued Insanity!


  6. BTW Kristine, for some odd reason I have trouble commenting on your blog when I am at work. Which is why I sometimes miss commenting, I read in the morning, but can’t comment and I forget at night. 😦


  7. The Year of Zoomery has a great sound to it! And often we learn far more from our mistakes than our successes. Plus, making the mistakes can be a lot of fun! I hope it’s a great year! 🙂


  8. Zoomery, face in snow, love thy self: all good. 🙂

    As per my comment on your frozen lake post, I am lamenting no winter in my part of the world, and now, I just might go stick my face in the ice maker in my freezer!


  9. Zoomery is great. My dog gets the Zoomies when I have presented him with too much information at once, or I am stressing or stressing him in my handling.

    With him, I’ve learned to let him take a circle or two, come back, and we re-present the problem and BANG! Solve it.

    Zooming is his processing time, and gives me an important message.

    The Year of Zoomery implies so much forward motion it’s amazing!
    I’m going to keep this idea in my head and mantra it when needed.


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