Positive Advertising With a Dash of Newf

I was going to wait for tomorrow to share this video. But I just loved it so much I couldn’t wait another day. I also thought you might want to watch this rather than the standard Thursday night television. It beats what is regularly on my screen anyway.

For those that aren’t Canadian, which is probably the majority of you, Rick Mercer is a popular Canadian comedian who primarily makes fun of politicians. He is most famous for his long-winded rants. If you take one look at his website, you’ll probably get the idea. I think I shared another video of him quite some time ago in which he joined a Super Dog competition. I could look it up for you but I am far too lazy.*

Anyway, not important. During the most recent episode of his show Mercer spent some time volunteering for the Prince Edward Island Humane Society. If this isn’t positive advertising for animal welfare, I don’t know what is.


*Fine, here is the other video. Cute, right?

18 thoughts on “Positive Advertising With a Dash of Newf

  1. I loved this clip on Tuesday! So hilarious. Rick is the best, hands down. I frequently wish I had his job. Or that RMR was on more than once a week.


    • I missed Tuesday night’s show, sadly. I don’t watch it all that regularly anymore. But I always crack up when I do.


    • I am glad you liked it! Hopefully it helped get many of those animals adopted, even better if it brings awareness to other parts of the country. The shelter is where it’s at, yo!


  2. Both videos were cute and funny! Never heard of Rick Mercer, but I like him!! Thanks for the introduction. 🙂

    The dog that Rick swung around in the Superdog video, reminded of a smaller version of Shiva.


    • You are welcome! It’s a shame he has never achieved any American fame, though perhaps he never sought it out either.

      I thought so too! I think that’s how I found it, someone pointed the video out to me saying the dog looked like Shiva. My practically mother-in-law perhaps? It’s pretty fun to watch regardless. 🙂


  3. Makes me wish I lived in Canada so I could see his show. We need a comedian like him in the US to do this. It was fun, funny and made me laugh. So glad you shared Kristine.

    (It could almost fit into Edie’s “Pet Adoption Videos That Don’t Make Me Want to Kill Myself” don’t you think?)


    • I am so glad you liked it. There were a lot of Canadian-specific references so I wasn’t sure if everyone would get it. But it was so cute so I shared it anyway. 🙂

      It’s not really an adoption video but it is definitely excellent PR for animal shelters. He made it look like such a fun, happy place to be. PEI Humane Society must have been thrilled with how it turned out!


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