C’mon Get Happy!

I had so much fun with last Friday’s question, that I decided to pose another one to you today. Maybe this will become a regular thing, who knows?

Like last week, I was too unimaginative to come up with a query of my own so I am “borrowing” one from another blogger. Every week Grouchy Puppy shares a different “Influence Positively Interview” that features someone from the animal community who “gives fearlessly or influences positively.” As I am sure you can imagine, the stories these people share are galvanizing. Immediately after reading I want to dive out the door and start making a difference in the world. Unfortunately, my laziness usually kicks in about halfway across the living room. Five minutes later you’ll probably find me back on the computer, looking up agility bloopers on Youtube.

One of the first questions asked during these Grouchy Puppy interviews is one I have thought on intently:

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

 There is no simple, easy answer, is there? It changes all the time. The word “happiness” has such a subjective definition. For myself, I think I find it most often in the little moments of peace that occur randomly throughout the day. Happiness can indeed be a warm puppy, or a fuzzy blanket, or a smile from a stranger.

However, when I try to think of my “happy place” the same scene emerges over and over again: walking in our forest, Shiva off-leash leaping over branches and scarfing seeds, the sun just rising and filtering through the trees, not a sound to be heard but the jingle of her tags and the crunch of my feet. No matter what’s going on in the world or what problems await me when I return home, in those moments I am completely and perfectly happy.

What makes you, or your dog, happiest?

17 thoughts on “C’mon Get Happy!

  1. What a fantastic question… but definitely a difficult one too… I think Shayne LIVES for frisbee… she would keep going until she keeled over…BUT I think the moments that bring her perfect happiness is hiking off-leash at the farm getting to do her own thing… in the company of Rio and maybe a few friends. It’s quiet, peaceful, and a truly beautiful experience to just BE together.

    Rio… I think chasing plastic bags on a line attached to a motor (lure coursing) is his thing… he would probably choose the lure over playing frisbee. But, like Shayne, I think his idea of perfect happiness is getting a chance to just be off-leash together and getting to be carefree just doing his thing with me–his face when he comes back after hunting out a field mouse is just pure joy… he loves the hunt but seems to love getting to share that moment with me.

    For me it is much the same. Perfect happiness is getting to spend time with my dogs when I’m not asking anything of them. Don’t get me wrong, i LOVE working my dogs and find it so enjoyable but I love the simpleness of just being together and feeling the bond we’ve built.


  2. Elka loves…hmmm….exploring? I guess that’s the word I’ll use.

    She likes investigating things. She likes seeing new things. She likes being about to wander around and check stuff out, on her own pace. She looks, she listens, she sniffs, sometimes she doesn’t and just wants to gallop around. The best part of our walks are when she’s on a long line and we’re roaming around in our small park.


  3. I tend to hate the word “happy”…I think it is over used (by my mother in law in particular).

    However, I, like you, am happiest in the woods, walking with my dogs. Best part of my day.

    Oreo shows the most joy when he and Chewy are playing chase/wrestle. I love seeing his, usually serious, face light up with excitement and release of any anxiety. Never fails to warmmy heart. I think that is Oreo’s version of happy.

    If you look up “happy” in the dictionary, I think you will find Chewy’s name listed as an example. That’s all he is. Happy. He even smiles in his sleep.


  4. Kita is happiest when I sit and rub her belly – I am happy when I wake up in the morning and the wind is not blowing –
    In fact – I am happy if the wind is blowing – waking up is all it takes to put a smile on my face


  5. Oh, such a complicated question!!! I know what makes Cali happiest . . a walk in the woods on a chilly day, with a dip in the river 😉 I think it is one of the things that makes me happiest too . .hiking through the woods with my sweet dog and hubby, enjoying nature and watching a 13 year old dog act like a puppy 😉


  6. Ah, this is easy. It’s our farm, and the perfect animals who make it so. Turkish, our pup, is happiest overlooking his flock…or, probably more likely, snuggling with the pigs in the deep straw. I am happiest sitting back, after all the chores are done, watching the animals be themselves.

    I recently (okay, just now) found your blog through That Mutt (who I adore). I’m so happy I did. Happy Weekend!


  7. The dogs and I are most content when somehow the day all just falls together and we all get what we need for the day, whatever that may be for us. Those days when both sides are balanced with love and attention and that each of their individual needs are met. That’s what makes us happy. 🙂


  8. What makes the dogs happy? A full belly, riding in the truck with me, playing with a squeaky toy & cuddles on the sofa.

    What makes me happy? A little money in the bank account, a truck that runs, a warm house & bed, a little holiday to a warm place once a year and some good food now and then. I’m a pretty easy girl to please 😀


  9. Your happy is mine too. Although, ideally I would have a house in the woods and be able to walk it with my dogs at any time. Being out in nature with my dogs any time is a happy time for me. 🙂


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  11. Uh, I don’t know what perfect happiness is, but the Wilderness Lodge and Disney World without kids was pretty darn close. (Yes, I’m a moron, and yes, I’m dead serious 🙂 .) I think the dogs would hate Disney World, by the way.


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