Train Your Dog Month Challenge… Stay Tuned

A three-hour contact and weave workshop on Sunday morning rendered Shiva a little calmer than usual. It was the perfect opportunity to get in some training with The Cat.

I was stunned by my luck in capturing a rare moment of affection between the “frenemies.” I’m calling it affection, anyway. No doubt The Cat has his own ideas.

He looks more than slightly mortified, doesn’t he? After I turned the camera off he begged me not to share the photos online. I would have given in if he hadn’t proceeded to continuously pounce on my head all night.

We shoot the final video tonight. Wish me luck…

13 thoughts on “Train Your Dog Month Challenge… Stay Tuned

  1. Yes! Awesome pics Kristine. I love the 2nd one with Shiva looking so solemn. She is so beautiful.

    A real video of both of them doing tricks??? I want to see that! Good luck!


  2. I am truly impressed! When I was a kid, our cat, dog and bunny used to all play and nap together, it was so cute. But Kelly would not tolerate a cat in her home, I’m afraid. Can’t wait for the video!


  3. Have I mentioned lately that the Cat is gloriously fluffy and beautiful? (Can I call a man cat beautiful?). He looks like he would be especially cuddly…you know, if he could learn to tolerate you and accept that kind of behavior. Maybe you should try to train him to snuggle?


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