Shiva the Instigator

I have decided Shiva’s days as Shiva the Destroyer are over. The sad, tragic plight of the antler proves it. It’s humiliating to admit, but that same antler isn’t even a whole lot smaller now than it was at the start of January. I can’t remember the last time she wrecked one of her toys on purpose. In fact – and this kills me – she has had the same stuffed squeaky ball since the summer.

The summer!

My PH is not as ready as I to divest her of her title. He is certain her destructive tendencies will return the moment she gets her teeth on a new stuffie. I disagree. She has had many moments alone with all sorts of tempting objects. We even forget ourselves and leave some of her favourite tugs on the floor for her to access at any time. Thus far, all of said toys remain in one piece. It’s time for her to give up the throne to some other, more worthy dog.

This doesn’t mean she is without any title at all. When Shiva does something, she always strives to be the best. That’s why I am making today, February 10th, Shiva’s official coronation day as Shiva the Instigator.

Why “the instigator”? It’s simple.

Shiva is the ultimate space-invader. In agility class there is nothing she loves more than the tunnel, unless it’s running around the room and getting into other dogs’ faces. She has become something of an expert at the fly-by attack. I am sure you can imagine just how popular this behaviour makes her with her classmates. Not that she ever does anything aggressive. Let it be known she is innocent of all such charges. Shiva’s intentions are purely in jest. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy the fall-out when she runs up to and then away from a more reactive dog.

Shiva: Wheeee! I’m Shiva and I’m running! Yahoo! *sees another dog laying quietly on his mat and heads straight for him*

Other Dog: Uh, I am not so sure about you. Could you please run in a different direction? Your enthusiasm is a little freaky.


Other Dog: ACK! Noooo! Go AWAAAAAAYYYYYYY! *proceeds to bark and growl, inciting all the other dogs in the room to also start barking and growling*

Me: Sheevs! Get over here and finish the sequence!

Shiva: Okay! BYEEEEEE!!!!

All the Other Dogs: Ahhhhh! We’re freaking out! What’s going on? What just happened? Ahhhh! *bark bark bark bark*

Me: *wishing I could disappear into the floor*

Shiva: *all innocent* What’s everyone barking about? I don’t understand.


Has your dog earned a title? Do you have any similar nicknames?

27 thoughts on “Shiva the Instigator

  1. It’s funny, because when we first found Buster he was a toy destroyer as well. He hasn’t eviscerated a toy in a long time! I’d say he’s now “Buster the Bossy,” but we’re working on that and I’m hoping he’ll be “Buster the Behaved” soon. =)


  2. Wow that agility experience sounds awfully familiar!!! 🙂 I think Shiva and Tibby have the same idea about agility. ‘ Weeeeee I’m off leash! Another dog! Hey dog! Nanana I can run around and yoooou can’t! Wanna play?!?! ‘
    We aren’t very popular with our classmates either…..and Tibby barks too, so yay! for us! I’m gotten so many hairy eyeballs from our classmates that I’m starting to knitt a sweater :)!!!


  3. Love it! And I hope her destroyer title is over too, that would open up her world to so many new things huh?

    I don’t know that I have come up with any official titles of Luna.. But I should… The big “B” word comes to mind as she is one cocky girl around other dogs… and it’s not all show, she may not start something but she will try and finish it, size does not matter. It is a trait I honestly could do without. But she does well enough around balanced dogs and plenty of others, so we have learned to work on it so we can live with it. Lunatic might be another though that is a very general nickname, but it is her for sure.

    Hope Shiva ditches this instigator title soon


  4. LOL Delilah will be more than happy to take over the title, “Delilah the Destroyer” why just this morning she went into the laundry area and grabbed a bunch of dryer lint to rip apart on the floor.

    I remember when I thought my puppy Delilah had disappeared and the thought made me sad as well, and then within days she was back to her old self!

    I think you should throw a party for yourself and pat yourself on the back Kristine, if she has put her old ways to rest you get to share in her glory. If not for you, she wouldn’t be anywhere near as good as she is right now. 🙂


  5. LOL I’ve met several instigator dogs! They always make me laugh. 🙂 Dante has many nicknames, but the most common are Goober or Goob, because he can be so silly and goofy sometimes, and also Yoda(nte) for the way he wraps himself up in his blankies with only his head sticking out.


  6. Ha that’s so funny I can totally picture Shiva doing all that, but that sweet, innocent little face… awwww 🙂 Milly, I think is the cat version of Shiva…never a dull moment 😀


  7. Shayne will never stop destroying toys I don’t think… i mean she’s 6 and hasn’t started slowing down in the least. Maybe one day…. Shayne and Shiva would most definitely NOT be friends… not even a little … nope. The way Shiva “greets” other dogs is exactly what shayne gets terrified by and reacts to LOL!

    Rio’s nickname is “Ri-Monster!” because he can be the most monstrous beast ever… Shaye was dubbed “Shayn-iac” (maniac) by my friend Casey because Shayne is a TOTAL maniac… she’s got some arousal issues and such… lol!


  8. So, is this moving on up or over for Shiva :)? My smooth hair tweenie Dachshund Danny Quinn is the Poop-aholic – for his ingestion of all kinds of poop. I want to get that poop freeze stuff and see what happens. Must be nice not having stuffing all through your house, though.


  9. Shiva has grown up. Sigh. That’s what it is, the beginning of the end of puppyhood. The Georgia I know and blogged about 2 years go is GONE too… pooof! Just like that. She has no new nicknames. She’s too boring.


  10. Hi Kristine, my brother Owen and I have eaten and chewed up all of our stuffies. There are lots of dismembered toys around. We take care of all stuffies. Agility classes could be a little much for us if Shiva were in our classes. I don’t think that Owen would like it. But I think that my sister would likely tell her off.


  11. Haha I bet Shiva is very cute in class. Thunder used to be a destroyer, but as he grew up, he rarely chews anymore and Storm seems to chew less these days. I would say around 4 years old the chewing to destroy lessened for each of them.


  12. Shiva sounds more like a cheerleader than an instigator to me. 🙂

    And it sounds like your little girl is growing up. You might have to reevaluate all kinds of things you thought you knew about her.

    I guess Honey’s nickname would be “The Greeter.” She wants to say “hi” to everyone but mostly people. She gets very excited when someone approaches us on the street and I swear she looks disappointed when they pass by without saying hello.


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