A Little Monday Mischief

A few weeks ago, I saw a post on I Still Want More Puppies that had me both laughing and feeling sorry at the same time. The always funny AJ shared a video of a bulldog that was attempting to fit into a box that was just too small for his curvy body. This video, to be exact:

Cute, right?

While I was laughing, I also felt sorry for the funny little guy. After all, what he is displaying in the scene is an enviable amount of hind-end awareness. Something I have worked very hard with Shiva to achieve. It’s not easy for a dog to get his rear legs into such a small space. It takes a lot of brain power and skill. Most dogs have to learn they have hind legs at all. This guy just knows it instinctively. That’s pretty impressive.

Jealous, I realized it’s been a while since Shiva and I worked on such exericises. Sometimes it’s good to go back to the basics. On AJ’s blog, I bragged that Shiva could stand with all four feet inside a margarine container. This was true a couple years ago but we hadn’t tried since.

Here is our most recent attempt:

Sad, right? Clearly we have been too distracted by cat tricks and have lost some of the fundamentals. Shiva has clearly gone soft in her old age.

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14 thoughts on “A Little Monday Mischief

  1. Aww.. that bulldog is hilarious. Maru the Cat, watch out!

    Also hilarious is Shiva’s excitement to sit in her own box – I literally L-O-L-ed. And am now wondering about having Moses sit in a box. …Anyone buy any large household appliances lately? I need the packaging.


  2. LOL! I think that is adorable how she sits in the box like that. I certainly couldn’t get Toby to do anything like that – he is definitely one of those dogs with no hind end awareness. And Meadow would be afraid of the box. 🙂


  3. Love this! Awhile back, I taught Phoebe to target to, jump into, and lie down in, a small basket, and decided to use the verbal cue “Be Toto!” What’s funny is that although initially she didn’t really want to get in the basket, and I had to C/T for her just to get up to the basket and look inside, I can now put that basket two rooms away and she will wildly look around for it and search it out so she can jump in and earn her reward. I’ve not seen a dog Shiva’s size get all four feet in a margarine container before!


  4. I gotta do that one with Luna, now idea how she would do. She seems to think she only has front paws, and that they are for smacking things with. I did work with her tonight on opening the fridge door (with a toy attached) and she got it open in about 2 minutes, three times in a row. Did a quick video but half of her is cut off so I shall record again soon and share. Maybe I will actually be able to teach her to fetch something from the fridge, kinda scared of letting her do that though.


  5. I just love how excited Shiva is too sit in the box. She is so proud and she should be, that is tough! Now you totally have me wanting to try and get Leroy to sit in a box, but somehow I have a feeling that would end badly for me:)


  6. I have no idea how you trained her to do that – but it sure is cute!!! I tried to get Cali to put her front feet in my rain boots last week . . .it didn’t happen 😉 Maybe you can do a video on how to train your dog to do that!!!


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