Missing the Point

Last night I sat on the couch, staring off into nothing, while my PH played a rough game of tug with Shiva. Their bursts of laughter and growls were muted in the background of my thoughts. There was too much on my mind for me to appreciate the happy scene just several feet away. For one, I didn’t accomplish nearly as much as I should have at work earlier in the day. Deadlines are creeping up and I worried about getting it all done in time. On top of that, I stressed over the lack of training Shiva and I have done in preparation for our final contacts and weaves workshop next week. And on top of that, I still didn’t have an idea for the next day’s blog post. The more I stewed about things, the less I felt like doing anything about them. The longer I brooded, the more things I added to my to-do list, and the more I wanted to crawl under the blanket and hide.

Eventually my PH noticed my lack of participation in life and stopped playing with our dog.

“Is everything okay?” He asked, because he’s kind like that.

“Hmmm?” I broke out of my downward spiral. “Yes, I’m fine. Just thinking.”

Being observant, he knew better than to take my word for it. He offered the tug toy that was in his hand, Shiva still hanging off the end of it.

“Would you like a dog?”

“Yes, yes I would.”

Shaking off the fog, I jumped into the game. After a few crazy minutes of laughing and growling myself, it hit me. All the pondering over life and my lack of accomplishment wasn’t getting me any further along. I was missing the point.

Back in January – feels like several lifetimes ago – I declared 2012 to be my Year of Zoomery. I haven’t done a very good job of embracing my inner zoomer. To me, the word means taking risks, living in the moment, and not worrying about what others might think. It also means making mistakes and not beating myself up about things. A real zoomer is as kind to herself as she tries to be to everyone else. Somehow in working so hard to get things done, I forgot the things that really matter.

It doesn’t matter if I publish a compelling blog post every day. Truthfully, the more I force it, the less interesting my writing becomes. Far better to write less often and more from the heart. Blogging is a hobby and should be fun! As should be working with my dog. If I incorporate more games into our training, we’ll both have a better time. It’s not about how many tricks Shiva knows or if she has a perfect two-on-two-off. That stuff will probably just fall into place the more time we spend playing around.

Work, I guess, isn’t always about fun. However, work is work and worrying about it while hanging out with my family at home isn’t doing my job or me any good. Sometimes, I can allow myself to shut off. I highly doubt anyone will die if I do. At least, not many people. Sometimes, as I learned from Pamela and Honey, relaxing is actually more productive than doing.

And sometimes, ya just gotta dance on the couch.

Happy Friday!

23 thoughts on “Missing the Point

  1. Yay Kristine! Glad you were able to recover a moment of Zoomery in the middle of your crazy life.

    I think you and I are in similar places right now. And to read around blogworld, we’re not the only ones. Thanks for the encouragement to fight back.

    I’m also keeping this article in front of me right now: http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2012/feb/01/top-five-regrets-of-the-dying?fb=native.

    BTW, did you know couch dancing is being considered for the next winter olympics? You and Shiva should definitely enter.


  2. I love your honesty. I really have no idea how you do come up with such interesting blog posts. It is something I have always tried to accomplish on a regular basis and it never happens. This year has gone slightly better but it is beginning to slide downhill again.

    I saw your question about an affordable camera. Please contact me through email (or my website contact form) and I can give you more insight. Or if you are open to posting it on my blog do so, I just didn’t know if it was too private. I may even post a couple options on a blog as others seem interested in options as well. I would like to know a price range you are thinking of, ideally is fine don’t push the limit just to fit a camera into it. You would be surprised what is affordable when you go back a couple models past current shelf option. Also does size matter? Some people don’t like carrying around a DSLR, but honestly it is so worth it when you look at your control options, and how much better suited it is to fast moving dogs. Would you like the camera to be capable of shooting Video too?

    Hope work gets better and I’m sending good training motivation vibes to you too! I have had good organizing vibes here lately!


  3. When I had a tough job or impossible deadline at work, I was always amazed how it gave me a totally new perspective to get away from it for a while. I think playing with dogs and cats is the absolute best therapy since our concerns about work and deadlines is absurd in their world. To a dog work must be play.


  4. I started reading your post 20 minutes ago, then noticed Pamela’s comment, clicked on the regrets article, went on to the blog and am now finally back having wasted, WASTED? 20 minutes this morning.

    I’m pretty darn glad you wrote this post, Ms Tonks. And now, we also know how you dance (like everyone’s watching).

    Time for some chai, missy. Have a great weekend. Hugs x


  5. Loved the video! Sometimes we forget to live in the ‘real’ life – thank goodness for our dogs for bringing us back down to earth and what matters!


  6. As someone who always seems to get caught in that same rut of worry, anxiety over the future, and feeling like I haven’t accomplished, I really, really enjoyed this post. What a great way to look at it, sitting there stewing is getting nothing done. You are so right! Now I just have to remember to come back here and read this whenever I’m stuck in one of those ruts! Nicely done….

    BTW – The video is hilarious, and Shiva’s a great dance partner. Myself, I’d probably fall off the sofa and crack my head open, or squish my dog!


  7. Ellen has nothing on dancing the way you and Shiva do! I sometimes can’t blog when I want because of work or inertia. Brooding is OK but Zooming is fabulous! Your PH showed some sensitive insight there – he knows you well :).


  8. Who knew that having a dog could help us put our lives in perspective 🙂 Nice that PH helped by handing you the tug toy, you guys are good for each other!

    Love the dancing- when I try to dance with Cali, she barks at me . . .I think she is embarrassed 🙂


  9. I can certainly relate to feeling stretched too thin and being stressed lately. And the more I worry about it, the less I can do anything to fix it. I’m trying to be kinder to myself, and to give myself time to do things that are fun and interesting. I realized long ago that I’d have to get out there and live life or I wouldn’t have anything interesting to write about, but sometimes even that is easier said than done. I’m still struggling with finding my own balance at the moment.


  10. Glad you got your zoomery back, and love the couch dancing video!

    I think it is that time of year, we ready to be done with winter but spring isn’t here yet. As Pamela pointed out, many people are in a similar situation. Hang in there girl and keep rocking the boat!!


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  12. What a wonderful post. It does seem to be the season of our discontent in Blogville these days – everyone stressing about how much there is to do and how little time there is to do it. Your PH was very astute in bringing you out of your maliase with just the prescription you needed.

    Love the video. I’ve always subscribed to the ‘sometimes you’ve just gotta dance’ in the rain philosophy. (No one will let me dance on the couch after I fell off a chair last year and broke my wrist. 😉


  13. Yeah, I agree most of the comments above that sometimes when we are being stressful from work the best healing therapy was our buddy pets in the house.


  14. Thanks for the video you have shared us here…Anyway, I like the post you have provided…I can relate to this, actually…


  15. I’m catching up on my Reader so I’m a little commenting on this post, but I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. You’ve inspired me to embrace my inner zoomer as well … I’m off to walk the dog! =D


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