Less Wordy Wednesday

Shiva so rarely has both ears forward that we usually go crazy with the treats when she does. She just looks so freaking cute! I’d love to get it on cue.

On Monday night I happened to have the camera close by and tried to take as many photos as I could. The lighting was crap but that hardly matters.

Shiva’s ears are her expression-meter. I can usually tell how she is feeling by checking out their position on her head. Forward like this typically means intense focus, such as when she spots another dog or a bird. It’s hard to capture.

I have no idea what caused her ears to sit this way during this particular moment. Maybe she’s finally figured out that extreme cuteness equals food?

24 thoughts on “Less Wordy Wednesday

  1. Shiva looks all grown up with her ears perfect. Very demure and lady like.

    I have the same “problem” with Georgia. When her ears are forward, I think she looks more like a Ridgeback. I kind of like them silly and floppy myself!


  2. So cute! Shiva has a totally different look with two flopped ears! I love wonky-ears! When the wind is JUST right or when Shayne tilts her head JUST right or if she is SUPER excited, her right ear stands up and i LOVE it! Like you, I snap as many photos as possible with her ear up because it’s just so cute!


  3. Shiva does look really cute with her ears so perfect like that, and it shows off her ‘angelic’ face! Having said that – she looks cute any darn way!


  4. Shiva is adorable like that. It’s like, “I am listening to EVERY word you are saying!” – I wouldn’t be surprised if she had realised that forward ears = food, she’s pretty smart, and food driven 🙂
    On a different note… i got a ‘new post’ email today from you that I’m thinking might have not been meant? or the post disappeared after the link was sent, I don’t know. Did you entitle a post, ‘Throwing Myself to the Wolves –
    Soliciting Diet Advice’, and then either get rid of it or have the internet swallow it up?


  5. LOL – seems to have been an “ear-y” Wednesday. And I am constantly struck by how similar Shiva and Bella are – Bella’s ears only do on very specific occasions. And I love it when they do. 🙂


  6. She’s channeling her inner Lab, perhaps? (I made that up, since I don’t really have a clue whether she has any inner Lab.)

    She certainly is adorable, though!


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