Less Wordy Wednesday #2

We’ve had a marshmallow world outside our living room window this March. There is very little evidence that spring is nigh.

Though tired of red noses and  dry skin, even I can admit the charm of snow sparkling in the trees as the sun rises.

Everything looks fresh and bright. It is quite different from the snow of February, which quickly turned brown with mud from the rain.

I’ve always preferred snow to rain. It is easier to walk with ice under one’s feet than with water sliding under one’s collar. I think Shiva agrees.

If we have to deal with winter for a while longer, I am grateful I at least have something to photograph.

Important update: A good friend and fellow blogger is in need of our support today. If you’ve ever felt like giving up on your dog completely, please take a moment to read this post and offer your kindest words of encouragement. Dog ownership is never easy, especially in the world of rescue. Let’s let this warm and giving woman know she is not alone.

21 thoughts on “Less Wordy Wednesday #2

  1. Oh wow! Very nice! Those look almost like black and white shots. I’m assuming they’re not.

    I know so little about snow but I would have thought that ice would be quite hard to walk on. Isn’t it killer slippery? We’re having a lot of rain under our collars here these last 2 weeks. You might have heard on CNN? ;p


  2. I really wanted to experience spring…The photos you have here are really good shots…When I am on your situation, I will take a lot of photos too…


  3. Really stunning pictures Kristine. I used to hate winter, but being a pet sitter allowed me to see so much beauty in it that now I love it. We have hardly any snow here, so I loved seeing your pictures.


  4. Kristine, you are so so sweet to repost. Please know I am in a far better place today than I was when I wrote that post! Thank you so much for thinking and caring about me! I knew that you would understand having been there yourself once!

    You do have some really beautiful pictures and I have to agree with you, snow isn’t all that bad to walk in if you are properly dressed. I don’t normally mind walking in the rain either, as long as it isn’t torrentially down pouring.


    • Comment luv changed my “sticking out my tongue at you” face to a regular ol’ smiley face. 😛 (still trying to stick my tongue out at you)


  5. Hi Kristine, it’s cloudy or partly sunny out here today. Yesterday was cold but sunny and tomorrow will be much like today and then of course rain, but warmer temperatures. My dad isn’t too keen on rain because I take him out for long walks. It doesn’t matter what it’s doing outside, I like to be out and it looks like Shiva likes being outside too.


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