Agility Videos: The Best to the Worst

As I try to pump myself up for this weekend’s upcoming fun match, I find myself perma-glued to Youtube, watching every agility video ever uploaded. The event this weekend is in a brand new environment. We all know what that means… Zoomery to the max! And not in a good way. If I enter the ring with confidence, hopefully I can keep my cool even when – not if – things start to derail.

I find watching the videos both reassures and terrifies me. There are a lot of crazy moves out there. It’s hard to believe how many different ways there are to get a dog over a jump. At this point I don’t know if I could learn a new handling system. It look me long enough to get used to front crosses and serpentines. I don’t know if I could ever handle the disco moves they pull out in Europe. Honestly, the more I watch, the more certain I am that we are on the right track with our current training methods.

However, I do have to balance out my viewing. If I only watch videos showcasing world champion dogs and handlers, my positive thinking starts to slide. I mean, I highly doubt Shiva and I are ever going to make it to Crufts.

Don’t get me wrong. I love watching such stellar teams show off their incredible skills. But when I start playing the comparison game, it stops being good for my mental health. That’s why I am so glad rookies like me also share their adventures online.

Ah, now that is much more familiar territory!

And, just to prove that even the big agility stars can also make nasty mistakes, I’ll leave you with one also shared by Life With Dogs a few days ago. Nobody is perfect, right? And everybody poops.

I guess if it doesn’t work out, there is always flyball…

16 thoughts on “Agility Videos: The Best to the Worst

  1. Hi Kristine, ha, ha, ha – okay here’s the deal…
    1. You and Shiva are there to learn and to have some fun
    2. Don’t take it so seriously, remember it’s timed choreographed obedience
    3. Don’t worry if you or Shiva make a mistake, everyone does and they still live!
    4. At the end of each run, good or bad, hug your dog and/or give it a kiss
    5. At the end of the day, all that matters is your puppy is back home, tired but safe and sound and without any injuries. The end of another good day.


  2. Those of us who don’t do agility just admire all your efforts. The pooping Crofts dog is probably the world’s most famous dog at the moment.


  3. I’ve been learning a lesson lately while in the midst of relationship-building with Elli: If she fails… I cannot show my disappointment. Instead of throwing my hands up, turning my back, UGHHHing aloud, I walk backwards and ask her in happy voice: What’r’yadoing, Silly girl? Or Omygoshhh! Pupppiiiiee! I love you, let’s go again! I often clap as I’m walking backwards. Basically, she doesn’t fail to impress me ever — or at least, for the past few weeks, she hasn’t been able to tell whether I’m over the moon with her or completely annoyed with her performance. She will, most often, refocus and do the exercise perfectly.

    I want to pass that onto you! Shiva shouldn’t ever fail for you. Here’s an example of the kind of class everyone, including the handlers in the bloopers videos you shared, should embrace:
    Taken at the World Championships. The very first bar is knocked, the crowd moans their disappointment and the handler-and-dog’s rhythm is broken – the dog misses the second weave pole in the sequence. Instead of falling all over the ground (etc), the handler encourages the crowd to celebrate, and they complete the rest of the course perfectly. 🙂

    Good luck at your FUN-match. 🙂


    • I agree one hundred percent. Cosign a million and five times. 🙂

      I hope you don’t mind, but I had to share the video you linked to on my Facebook page. It was just so awesome! You are so right: the handler’s attitude was perfect, enviable even. A while back I heard about an agility judge in my area who makes a habit of praising every team on the field. “How lucky we are,” she said “that all these amazing dogs are so happy to work and play with us.” I try to keep those thoughts in the back of my mind at all times.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! You’ve helped me more than you know.


  4. It seems that you and Shiva had so much fun in the event! I love all the videos here I enjoy watching it. Thanks!


  5. I think having fun with it is the most important part! You and Shiva will do great. And I felt so bad for that poor girl with the pooping dog! Yegads! It can’t get worse than that, unless your dog pees on the judge!


  6. I saw that video…and the dog seemed to be doing so well too. I sure hope the dog didn’t get in trouble for that, and that the person gave him a great big hug and lots of love after! You and Shiva will do great…no worries!


  7. Whoo-hoo, go Team _______. (I was trying to come up with a cleaver combination of Shiva and Kristine … when I got to “Shitine” I had to stop. I guess that dog pooping in the ring at Cruff’s got to me more than I thought. LOL! I hope the fun match went better than my efforts to name your team.


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