Adding a Little Irish

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Shiva’s fancy Sirius Republic dog collar suits the occasion well and adds some cheer to an otherwise gloomy morning. This is one dog who won’t get pinched!

I thought I would take advantage of this rare Saturday post to show off the trick we’ve been working on. After tallying all of your votes from last week, walking sideways was the clear winner. I haven’t come up with a verbal cue yet – and am definitely open to suggestions – but I think we’ve done pretty well in only seven days. Shiva loves tricks that involve a lot of movement. I think the extra little “Irish” makes it even better.

Have a great weekend!

20 thoughts on “Adding a Little Irish

  1. In dressage, you are trying a “half pass.” She looks great, attentive and though not quite knowing what is up yet, doing great! Following your legs seems to be a good cue for her :).


  2. I swear I am going to have you come down here to Minnesota and train Jasper for me Kristine. Totally impressed with the video. I have never seen someone train a dog to go sideways before. It was great to see you show me how. Impressive.

    I hope you had a lovely St Paddy’s Day! Love Shiva’s new collar!


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