On Blogiversaries and Being Pro-Lobster

It’s getting close to the end of March and that means it’s almost Blogiversary* Time! Yay!

Last year’s celebration was a crazy amount of fun. I don’t even want to tell you how long it took me to get that story all typed out. But the carpal tunnel surgery was worth it. Oh the shenanigans we got up too! The dancing! The hilarity! The brutal hangovers!

Er… Maybe that was just me.

This year I am planning something even more awesome, more time-consuming, more wicked than you have ever seen before. That is only a slight exaggeration. However, this year I am also hoping all the thrills won’t be on part alone. This year on Rescued Insanity’s Second Birthday, I am hoping to inspire reader participation in ways I have never inspired it before.

Don’t worry, I will make it worth the time and effort.

While I have most of the party plans worked out I am still working on coming up with prizes. Yes, prizes. One can’t have a celebration without a giveaway or three, right? I have some pretty awesome – or at least what I think are pretty awesome – ideas but I thought I should ask for suggestions to make sure I’m on the right track. After all, it’s not just me I am celebrating here. It may be my blog but I wouldn’t still be doing this without all of your outstanding support. Consider this a humble thank you for all of the encouragement you have been kind enough to bestow in the last two years.

This is your chance to vote: What kind of prize would you most like to win?


Speaking of voting… Go Pet Friendly is currently hosting a competition to determine the best city for pet travellers in North America. Round Two has begun and you only have two days to vote for your favourite city! Unlike someone I don’t believe in trash talking other communities. That being said, if you’d like to vote for Halifax, Nova Scotia (as opposed to some random city in Maryland) I would encourage said decision! 

Just remember, a vote for Nova Scotia is a vote for… Umm… Lobster! And you don’t want to be labelled anti-lobster, right?

*How do you spell this word anyway? Have they inducted it into the OED yet?

21 thoughts on “On Blogiversaries and Being Pro-Lobster

  1. hey…. what’s wrong with random cities in maryland.. I happen to live in one, or a town. Most have not even heard of it. I voted, it was hard but I did it. Looking forward to what you come up with. I need to do a give-away on my blog, for real.
    Alright off to bake bread


    • There is absolutely nothing wrong with Maryland that I know of – as I’ve never been I cannot say for sure. I bet it is a lot greener there than it is in Halifax right now!

      What kind of bread? I hope it turns out perfectly!


  2. Ooo, you got me with the lobster! First time I ever had one was in PEI. Yum! Cold water rules. I’d love to bring my two mutts to Nova Scotia (in fact, I’ve already looked for house rentals).


  3. Ok, Halifax was against Annapolis from my home state of Maryland. I thought and I thought. What should I do? Is Halifax really more pet friendly than Annapolis? In the end, I decided it was.

    Why? Because it takes 2 hands to eat Chesapeake Bay blue crabs in Annapolis. And your hands end up covered in spicy Old Bay Seasoning which is very bad for doggies. Whereas a lobster served in a Halifax restaurant is likely to be mostly cleaned for you and any butter accompanying it is perfectly fine for doggies.

    So I denied my childhood heritage by voting for Halifax. I’m hoping this gives me a small edge in the Blogiversary giveaway–especially if a Shiva photo is on the line.

    Can’t wait to see what you’re cooking up for your celebration. 🙂


    • I am honoured! It’s not easy to vote against one’s childhood memories. I definitely won’t forget such a favour. I also won’t forget your reasoning! Nova Scotian lobster is not only the biggest and the best – in our humble opinion – it is also very dog friendly. This is to say, it is so cheap and plentiful, you don’t mind sharing a claw or two with your dog. 😉


  4. I wanted to vote for three – the one I voted for was the customized collar tag but the runners up were the fascinating read and the brightly colored dog collar.
    You who are so talented with contests blow me away. Can’t wait to see what you decide but the lobster sounds scrumptious! Congratulations! Do you need to borrow my wrist brace for the impending carpal tunnel syndrome?


  5. I can send you a signed picture of myself with the Shediac lobster. And I’ll bet you and I are the only ones reading this who know what that is!

    I voted for the picture of Shiva. Dog collar…. pfffft… got one. And a tag. Treats? Our Best Friend is overweight. I have THREE DRAWERS of t-shifts (none of which are wicked cool, but the point is I got tees). And I already subscribe to the blog, so what more fascinating read do I need?

    Nope, picture of Shiva wins. Only thing I don’t already have.


  6. Oh no! You’re on the voting bandwagon, too? I think my head may explode if it comes down to you and Pamela!

    I remember your blogoversary last year! It was fantastic and outstanding. I voted for one of everything for the prizes, even though I really, really wanted to put one million dollars down! 😉 I can’t wait to see what you do this year!


  7. Happy Blogiversary, this is a recognition for the great time and thought you share with us… I know that you still have something with us that will catch our attention… 😀


  8. I can’t wait to see what you’re coming up with for the blogiversary bash! And I love how you’ve tapped into the lobster love – nice move. I’m with Houndstooth, if it comes down to you and Pamela, my head will explode, too! =D


    • I am a little bit worried about that happening myself. Pamela is far more experienced with trash talk than I! She would kick my butt for sure!


  9. Voted! I am very pro-lobster.

    Actually, pro-Canada. I treat it like I do the playoffs in the NHL – root for the Canadian teams! (Or American teams with majority Canadian players – e.g., not the end of the world if the Red Wings do well.)


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