Sometimes it Really is the Dog’s Fault

It seems whenever I have a terrific post lined up, technology has other plans. Thinking about the hours I have spent on getting something to function properly makes me a little nutty. It makes my dog even more nutty. Though Shiva has greatly benefitted from my online activities in the form of new toys and tasty treats, she is no fan of the Internet. Especially when things go awry and my frustration escalates.

Yesterday evening as I was battling with a video editing program – and losing – Shiva decided to take my angry growls as a signal for play. Dogs are usually better at reading human body language than we are at reading our dogs’. In this instance, Shiva’s instincts were off. Way off. Not only did I not want her par-destroyed fire hose on my keyboard, I did not want her tongue on my cheek. The more I pushed her away, the more she insisted upon shoving her wiggling body in my face.

A smarter, less stubborn dog would have backed off and chewed on the perfectly good antler sitting on the floor. Not Shiva.  She has never been the sensitive type, nor does she understand the word “quit”. If there is a crumb underneath the refrigerator she will dig and dig at the floor until that crumb is in her mouth. It could take hours. It could take days. She cannot relax until the crumb is hers. Even if she has to rip up the kitchen tile to get it. When there is something she wants, she will not give up. And last night she wanted my attention.

“Ugh!” I eventually hollered. “Get off me! You are not helping!”

Shiva’s reaction to this was to throw herself at me, legs flailing and tail wagging. I tried pushing her off and she licked at my hands. I tried turning my back and she shoved her head under my arm. I tried standing up and she jumped on my legs. No matter what I did, I could not get her to leave me alone.

“Fine!” I said. “I will play with you. But you are going to have to  explain why the video of your agility run is an unedited mess. If I never write another blog post again, it is all your fault.”

Shiva responded to this by picking up her antler and then chucking it back on the floor. Hard enough so it echoed. Apparently she didn’t care about the Internet.

After a few minutes of squeaky ball fetch, neither did I.

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18 thoughts on “Sometimes it Really is the Dog’s Fault

  1. I’m thinkin’ Shiva knew that you needed dog therapy more than you needed computer frustration (Dogs Know Best)!


  2. Posts like these make me smile because boy can I relate. Your description of Shiva going after a crumb is so like Pearl… the worst is when you think they are wrong and there is nothing under there- why do I still do this when she has proven time and time again that if she thinks there is food under there THERE IS? I have repeatedly told Pearl for hours that there was no food under the recliner in the living room only to find upon turning the thing over that there was in fact a stray piece of kibble under there or something. They do not know the meaning of “let it go” though, do they? I never thought I would smile thinking about an epic doggy tantrum, so thanks for this post 🙂


  3. The video can wait. Clearly, squeaky ball is more important.

    Of course, it frequently takes me a long time to recognize things like that as well!


  4. LOL, if I had a dollar for every time I shouted “KOLCHAK YOU’RE NOT HELPING!”, I would *actually* be making money as a blogger. He has a special talent for putting all his body weight on my pancreas at just the wrong moment. He is also the world’s worst HTML editor – he can screw up a Rafflecopter widget like a pro.

    I guess sometimes I need a reminder that if we don’t live life when it’s barking at us, then I’ll have crap all to blog about. He’s a wise little puggle, just like Shiva.


  5. The loud antler on the floor has become one of our most important dog-human forms of communication. I have to wonder what they think we are doing staring at a screen, tapping keys and occasionally growling at the whole procedure.

    Surely a game of squeaky ball would make us happier.


  6. You’re lucky you have a dog who knows better than you do. The video will wait. Shiva knows her fan club is patient for a glimpse of her getting her agility on.

    BTW, I had to giggle at the ice cream truck for dogs. The business that started it is located in the town where I went to high school. Who knew such a hick town would turn out so doggie progressive?


  7. If I had a dollar – heck even fifty cents – for every time one of the cats has walked over the laptop keyboard just as I had finished a post and was ready to hit publish I would be a gazillionaire. Fortunately my posts are not usually very long, but it’s ALWAYS the longer, more in-depth ones that they decide to screw up!


  8. I have seen many young women waste years in relationships that were going nowhere. Get out now and find someone that adores you! There is no reason for some clout to make you feel that you are playing second fiddle to a dog. Eventually, it would be a very depressing living arrangement. You can do better than that! Laugh it off, feel sorry for the guy who is missing out on a good thing, and go out and enjoy your life!


  9. Well sometimes it is really the dog’s fault but we can wait for the video…Shiva might have a little problem now…Anyway, thanks for this…


  10. That’s such a funny story! My dog did something similar. I was having a rough morning and sitting down on the couch trying to choke down some coffee. He wanted to play, but I just ignored him. So, he jumped OVER the back of the couch and into my lap — in which I was holding my coffee.


  11. Ha! Shiva is one smart girl! She knew if she tried hard enough she could get you to play with her and forget the computer!
    Sherman does the same thing to me but with less effort than Shiva. He knows that all he has to do is rest his head on the computer desk next to keyboard, let out a big ol’ sigh and bat his big brown eyes! It gets me every time!


  12. Oh man! Have I been there! It’s happened so many times, I’ve lost track. And you don’t even live with an adorable, heart-melting puppy! If God ever created a time suck, it was when he made puppies so freaking cute.


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