Happy Springtime Holidays!

At least, I think it’s supposed to be spring. It’s hard to tell by looking out the window. For a moment I thought I should be looking for signs of Santa Claus and his reindeer. I hope I at least get props for walking Shiva in this morning’s snow storm.

This would be pretty if it wasn't, y'know, APRIL

Ah well. We’ve got plenty of wine and home-made blueberry tarts. That’s enough to make it a special holiday for me, no matter the time of year.

Happy Weekend to all from Shiva and the Snow Bunny!

12 thoughts on “Happy Springtime Holidays!

  1. Love the Snow Bunny – Shiva doesn’t look particularly happy. At least you got snow this year – we got a smidgen if that :(. Happy Easter/Passover to you, too!


  2. Did you make that Snow Bunny, Kristine? It’s delicious. I love it! That’s a crazy amount of snow for this time of year surely? In a strange weather twist, the summer WE didn’t have has arrived. So far, we’re having glorious sunny autumn days. I hope your outlook gets better but I hope ours stays 🙂 x


  3. Eck! I finally took down all my snowman decorations around the house today, that means I will no longer except any more frozen precipitation!
    Hope you had a great weekend:)


  4. Oh wow. Weather seems totally off this year all over the globe. Our magnolia started to come out, only to be stopped in the process when night frost returned. Maybe no beautiful magnolia flowers this year 😦
    Enjoy your pie!


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