Concerns of the Feline Variety

The Cat got out yesterday and has yet to return. I can’t stop worrying.

It’s happened before; we really have no reason to panic yet. He always comes back. Even that time he escaped during a bad snow storm and was missing for over twenty-four hours. He’s tough. And smart. He never goes near the road and he’s bigger than most of the cats in the neighbourhood. If any cat could handle himself alone, it would be The Cat. He took on the mean streets of  Southeast Calgary. In comparison, Halifax is for kittens.

Despite all that, I am worried. When he didn’t come back before we went to bed last night, I felt uneasy. However, it wasn’t unprecedented and I told myself we would hear him meowing at the window by three in the morning. By the time I woke up at five-thirty, we had yet to hear him yowl. My stomach sank. If he’s not there yet, I thought, he will be once he sees the lights on. I figured he’d be waiting at the front door when I stepped out with Shiva for our morning walk.

He wasn’t. He also didn’t appear when my PH called him while shaking his favourite bag of treats.

I know he will be back. It’s probably really silly to worry. He’s a selfish cat who is also incredibly hedonistic. He’s probably out partying with his kitty friends and has crashed somewhere before making the journey home. I have no doubt I will feel foolish for writing this later. But my heart remains unhappy.

I am not looking for advice. We will do all the usual things. I hoped if I wrote my feelings down, I would feel more confident of seeing him scratching at the bathroom window when I go downstairs. Sadly, I still just feel worried.

Stupid cat.

ETA: The cat finally came home on his own last night around 7pm. Thanks for all of your positive thoughts and well wishes! I cannot even describe my relief when I first saw his bushy tail. He, of course, appeared completely unapologetic. We start leash training this weekend.

26 thoughts on “Concerns of the Feline Variety

  1. Oh Kristine. I know the worry you feel so well. All I can say is keep the faith, know that he will likely be home tonight and I am with you in spirit as you wait. I’m going to send Mr. Cat little messages that he better get his butt home soon.

    I hope the next thing I read is an update that he is home.


  2. Oh I hope he comes back soon. Totally understand the worry. Keeping fingers crossed he will be right back.

    When I was growing up we had a cat who would periodically leave for…a while. My mother would put his bowl away, and he would magically reappear. He was a stray who decided to live with us but just never got over the urge to travel. He was a big ol’ yellow tabby. We called him Sugar. (Kids!) Do you think that may have been part of the reason he strayed? 🙂


  3. Oh….I love the Cat. If my heart sank reading this, I can totally understand how you would be feeling rather blue right now. I do hope you give him a stern lecture (followed by a huge hug that he will hate) when he gets home. We’re thinking of the Cat!


  4. Good luck, I hope he appears at your door soon! Looking nonchalant and unimpressed at how long it took you to answer, of course, since he is a cat, but safe and healthy 🙂


  5. Oh, gosh, I’m sorry you’re so worried. And my paws are crossed REAL tight that he comes home super soon. He’s prolly just hiding in the bushes laughing at the worried look on your face. Kittehs are like that.

    Wiggles & Wags,


  6. Well I hope he comes back safe and sound and very soon!
    We saw a cat at the vet last week that was missing for over a month, one day she just returned back home like she was never gone.
    Hopefully you cat is just hiding out for a bit:)


  7. *hugs* There is no need to feel silly over worrying about our pets. When Moree and Smokey went on their longest walkabout, we didn’t really sleep and called in to work the next morning.
    But cats are very resourceful, and I’m hoping that by the time you see this message, The Cat will be home and demanding his due.


  8. We had a cat who would behave in a similar manner, too. And darn him, he always sauntered back when he was good and ready, too! I hope The Cat is home tonight. I know all that worry takes a toll on you, even when you tell yourself not to do it!


  9. I get worried about Martha if I don’t see her every few hours at least. She is an indoor/outdoor cat who has safely lived with me as an indoor/outdoor cat for five years. I still worry about her. Hope your kitty returns home safe and sound soon, so you can stop worrying.


  10. Sorry to hear about the cat. Would you like me to send up the 24 Paws to wrangle him home? BOL! They are pretty good about keeping Boxer in line, I’m sure they could handle the cat. 🙂

    Hang in there.


  11. Happy to read The Cat came back!

    Being spring (well, spring-ish, it’s snowing another blizzard), Isaac, the Black Cat, is putting all of his efforts into escaping these days. It sometimes works. But even so, he was a stray in the neighbourhood before we took him in, so I try not to worry, even in light of all the coyotes we have. Should he escape, I usually return home from work to find him impatiently waiting at the front door for me – also unapologetic, and just upset I wasn’t home to let him in when he felt like coming back.


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