Monday Mischief: My Little Runaway

I am still too caught up with emotion over this past weekend’s events to have much to say today. Saturday’s near-nightmare of an agility incident has yet to be shaken from my shoulders. There is a lot to contemplate right now, not much of it pleasant. I am sure I will elaborate more later when I am less discouraged or at least more certain of our direction.

Anyway! Since it is Monday and thus time for the Monday Mischief Pet Bloghop, I thought I would share the only good part of our run during yesterday’s fun match. This was taken post-fence jumping and pre-food-stealing. Although if you watch to the end you will hear some of the outcome of said food-stealing. The off-camera sound effects are probably the most entertaining part. If this video doesn’t define canine mischief, nothing does!

Hey, at least she didn’t choke on a jump standard two days in a row, right?

I hope your weekend was more successful than ours!

PS. Some people have reported difficulties in accessing the website. I am not entirely certain what the problem is as everything seems to be okay when I check. I am wondering if it is a browser issue? I will continue to investigate to see what I can find out. If you’ve noticed anything strange in the last few days, please let me know.

19 thoughts on “Monday Mischief: My Little Runaway

  1. im not sure if the difficulty is the same thing that many wp users are becoming aware of. When putting your email on the comment form – if you ever used that to get wp account at anytime you have to know that passowrd you used when signing up with WP to leave a comment, sort of like blogger making people have an account to comment. WP just started this recently so if they cant remember their password they cant leave a comment.

    LOL I love the video – that is perfect for the blog hop! Happy Monday.


  2. Hi Kristine – I sent you an email about the visurs pop up. It says that you have linked sonme content to Will My Dog Hate Me? I know Edie is having some issues over there right now and she’s working through them. If you find the link to her blog and unlink it, you should be fine :0)


  3. visure = virus … still too early. I need a coffee!~

    PS – Yay for Shiva. LOL, even with her runaway garbage snarf, she looks so… carefree out there on the course. I am so glad that she was OK though. I Know that collars on the course are a big no-no. Lucky little girl!


  4. Heehee! I luved that video. Shiva sure did look like she was having fun and that’s the point, right?

    But I am sorry something else not-so-good happened. I’m sending you all lotsa brindle kisses and I hope you feel better soon.

    Wiggles & Wags,


  5. I think Sheva is PAWSOME! She looks so happy doing her run. I watched another video of the two of you working and it was really funny too ~ the one where Shiva kept going back and forth thru the tunnel! I wish my Mom would get some fun stuff like that for us rescues to play with/on/under/thru…whatEVER!

    I hope you aren’t too mad a Shiva. After all, she’s just being a dog!


    Your new Friend,



  6. Haha I think the best part is your expression in the video — it’s like, “OF COURSE you’d run in the completely opposite direction!”

    I had a link to Will My Dog Hate Me? on the blog and only Google Chrome has been picking up on the supposed malware so far. I unlinked it and everything was fine-ish — sometimes it still reacts, though. Which makes zero sense.


  7. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy yourself on the agility course. I know how frustrating it can be working with a zoomy dog. We only do agility for fun and as an exercise for Delilah’s brain (not necessarily for her physical health.) I’ve given up expecting her to be perfect, she’s her own brand of different and the sooner I embrace that, the happier we all will be.


  8. Sorry to agility did not go well. I saw mention on twitter of an incident. I hope all is well. For what it is worth, I think Shiva has a ton of talent. If you can ever reign in her enthusiasm (well not all of it), then she will be dynamite on the agility course. The video was fun in a mischievous kind of way. 🙂


  9. I watched the video at work today, but couldn’t see what trouble Shiva might have gotten into. Yes. The zoomies, but I think that wasn’t so bad! I atually am still impressed with Shiva’s athleticism. She is amazing to watch when she jumps over those jumps.

    I hope whatever happened, it wasn’t too bad or at least not bad enough to discourage you. (Lady steals food all of the time – and I’m careful!)


  10. BTW – I have not had any trouble accessing your blog at all. Of course, I haven’t been to anyone’s blog in a while (dealing with a lot of tax stuff right now), but I’m hoping I can finally make an appearance more frequently now. 🙂


  11. Congrats on your 500th post! Thanks for the shout out too!

    I am so sorry it didn’t work out this past weekend, but I hope you also are not getting too down.

    I really enjoyed the links today. I’m going to have to go see that Arctic movie. Stunning. Happy Friday!


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