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Apparently once I click “publish” today this will be the 500th post of Rescued Insanity. Who saw that coming? I didn’t even realize the numbers were so high until I logged in this morning. I feel bad for not having a speech prepared. At the very least I should have a brass band and free cake for all the children. Maybe even a bouncy castle.

But I guess this is a dog blog and such things are probably inappropriate for noise-sensitive canines. Perhaps it’s even more fitting that today I planned on sharing other posts that have given me pause this week. It feels a little like phoning it in but after our rocky weekend, I think I am in need of a little quiet. When things don’t go as expected it’s so easy for me to get discouraged. I find myself questioning things I was so certain of just a short time ago. When I am treading water like this, I find listening to others helps me regain perspective. Here’s hoping, anyway.

But I digress. I think after 500 articles, I have done enough talking for now. Here is what some of you have had to say recently:

The one that made me want to change the world:

 No Dog About It In their own words “On average, if each animal shelter in the USA adopts out or transfers to rescue groups an extra three animals on June 11, the USA can become a no kill nation, even if it is for Just One Day.” A worthy cause, don’t you think?

The one that made me nod in sympathy:

Doggerel I march Blue over the sidewalk into the street and, suddenly, he starts beeping. He ducks his head and his tail and then I realize… CRAP. I just walked that dog straight through an invisible fence.

The one that made me fall in love with polar bears all over again:

Fido and Wino –  I won’t wreck it for you… actually, yes I will… the baby caribou DOES NOT DIE PEOPLE. I repeat: THE WEE INNOCENT CARIBOU IS OKAY. It’s all gonna be okay.

The one that made me laugh out loud in public:

Life With Sampson and Delilah – Ooops, I guess Hubby’s thinking with his big head because if he was thinking with the little one he’d know he’s not scoring any points with me on this one.

The one that made me feel like a big jerk:

Mindful LeadershipBut even caring, positive and relationship-oriented owners can fall prey to pressure and, even if just temporarily, lose sight of the “dog” part in dog sports.

The one that made me feel a tiny big better about myself:

Pawcurious – Posting a picture of a dog with some stuff on his head? OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! Your dog must spend their waking hours at your feet, attending approved positive-reinforcement classes, eating internet approved high end food, or hiking (on lead, of course).

The one that made me want to want to jump around the room with my fist in the air:

I Still Want More PuppiesCaptain Pug.  He’s my hero.  Going to take pollution down to zero.  He is cuteness magnified, and he’s fighting on the planet’s side. 

The one that made me angry:

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog – They obviously know that there is a problem or they wouldn’t try to secretly bribe a customer whose dog had gotten sick and then lie about it.

The one that made me go awwww:

Kenzo the Hovawart We loved all our cats equally we thought, but the bond with Pjevs had evolved beyond that. It was the love he gave in return so abundantly, that had given him a special place in our hearts.

Have you read anything you want to share?


17 thoughts on “In Your Words

  1. Hey Kristine, thanks for the shout out. I thought it was funny when I wrote it so I’m glad someone else appreciated my bawdy sense of humor!

    Congratulations on your 500th blog post! Quite an accomplishment and every post is always so wonderfully thought out.

    Try not to beat yourself up too much with the past weekend, you’ve done amazing things with Shiva!

    Some of these blogs I’ve read and some I haven’t so I’m off… so many blogs… little time. 🙂


  2. Congrats on the 500th blog – a great accomplishment.

    As for the favorite thing I have read recently – apart from your blog of course –

    If you can’t beat em- change the rules


  3. You’ve been a busy lady! Congrats!

    Samson and Delilah…FOR REAL? Love it! I just discovered her lately and she doesn’t mince her words. LOL. And I totally agree with Pawcurious’s assessment of that blogging “phenomenon” sigh.

    I have no words of wisdom to share since I’ve been missing from the dogblog park lately. However, I thought your last post while running was great and I’ve just come away from Rocco’s innovative ways to exercise a mad dog that I enjoyed too. Especially #9 ;p

    Have a great weekend! 🙂 x


  4. Wait… no cake? 😉

    Love the list of posts you shared… and I’m honored to make the list. I’m glad Captain Pug could help. He’s a pretty cool little superhero, in my opinion.

    Congratulations on 500 posts! Have I mentioned lately that you’re awesome? ‘Cause you are.


  5. Congrats on reaching 500 posts. You know, I have no idea how many posts I have. I’ll have to figure out how to check that….!

    This was a great post – leave it to you to always highlight other blogger’s work. It is awesome of you, and I always find a new blog or two to follow when you do stuff like this!


  6. Well! Stupid me! I posted my comment for this post on another one!
    Geez! Loved the links today. Congrats on the 500th post! The Arctic that Shauna mentioned looks amazing doesn’t it?

    Thank you so for kindly for the shout out. I loved you’re response to Kate. I was going to reply last night, but when cable went down I was stuck. I hope you haven’t been too discouraged Kristine.


  7. Look, if the kids are getting cake, I want some too. I’ve been dieting and I can’t promise the sight of cake won’t turn me into a raving lunatic.

    Congrats on your 500th post! 500 x awesome!


  8. 500? I’m not even going to HINT at how many HUNDREDS that is more than me!

    You know I love your blog, your sense of humour, and your taste in other people’s blog. I’ll be here reading when hit #1,000!


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