Less Wordy Wednesday – It’s All Yellow

I wandered lonely as a cloud, that floats on high o’er vales and hills. When all at once I saw a crowd, a host, of golden


I know, it’s cliche and more than a little granola, but I can’t help but love the vile weeds when they are gathered together in a cheerful mass. One dandelion is a pest. Hundreds scattered across a lawn with their bright yellow glow make me smile. They are just such happy, hardy flowers. Nothing keeps a dandelion down.

Spring always comes late to Halifax. Dandelions are the first real sign that better things are on the way. Even in the pouring rain their peppy attitudes make me feel optimistic for the future.

I have to resist the urge to pick them. As lovely as they appear mixed in with the green of the grass, they soon wilt when placed in a glass on a table. I think perhaps it’s this stubborn wildness that lends them their appeal.

I got a little desperate last evening looking for patches to photograph. There aren’t as many wide spreads of dandelions near my home as in other parts of the city. Shiva was very patient with me.

She was well-rewarded for her posing efforts with her favourite springtime treat: freshly cut grass from neighbourhood lawns.

Apparently the two of us would have made excellent hippies.

18 thoughts on “Less Wordy Wednesday – It’s All Yellow

  1. I love dandelions too. And nothing looks prettier against Shiva’s coat than bright yellow.

    My friend Kristin who is hippie at heart (she’s now living in a one-room house in Ireland heated only by peat) once lived in a suburban, middle class neighborhood. She let her dandelions go. One day she found a menacing note in her mailbox with a clutch of dead dandelions. Evidently to some, they are a scourge on the lawn.

    Be glad you live in dandelion friendly Nova Scotia.


  2. Yeah, add me to the Dandelion club as well! I’ll even pick the ones gone to seed and make a wish on them, while Elka watches them float away, fascinated.


  3. I’m with you! Dandelions are cheerful and bright, and who could not like that? I also love daisies, a simple flower but they evoke the same emotion of happiness. I love the photos with Shiva and the flowers.


  4. Yuck…we’ve got like a bazillion in our yard we can’t get rid of. You and Shiva are welcome to make a trek down South and take plenty of pictures…and take all the dandelions home with you! 🙂

    But seriously, great pics.


  5. Your post made me feel better about my front yard:) I have a sea of dandelions out there!
    I love Sue’s comment above, I am going to have to remember that one!


  6. You’ve made me look at dandelions in a way I hadn’t since I was a child…thank you! They are indeed beautiful, and such cheerful harbingers of the sunny weather to come…


  7. Too funny – the elementary school down the street has a grassy area in front of it COVERED in dandelions – I took a picture last week! It looked like a sea of pretty yellow flowers . . .unfortunately, their seeds will probably blow into my yard! I hope you see spring soon!


  8. My mom person is just like you, she LOVES the yellow dandelions! Our neighbor is very particular about his lawn & we know he just hates us, cause we let them grow wild.

    Nubbin wiggles,


  9. Dear Ms Tonks, The Typist makes me wear dandelion flowers every spring. She loves them too and thinks they make me look more like a girl. You don’t make Shiva wear them, do you? OH! And that last picture is super cute.


  10. Ooooo, I love dandelions! They are like scattered sunshine in the grass. My favorite pic is the ones I have of Alex in a heavily populated dandelion field. (There’s one on our side bar) Shiva looks adorable amongst them or really anytime. She looks so cute like she smelling them.

    We too are always slow going into spring, so the dandelions are the first sign of color and I always just love it.


  11. aww, that last picture is great! we used to have dandelions in our yard–before hurricane irene came and ruined our lawn. we had it fixed and re-seeded this spring, and so far all i see coming up is grass. most people would be thrilled about that, but i kind of liked the dandelions.


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