K9 Kamp is Back, Baby!

This year is going to be better than ever, I can feel it. Koly and Kelly have put together some great fitness challenges for bloggers and their animal companions to work on at their own level. It’s all about getting out there with your furry ones and having a good time. Shiva and I had such a blast last year that when I heard they were running a second Kamp, I had to join in. Shiva’s nails are trimmed and ready to go! All I need to do now is pull on my rubber boots and we can get started!

Woo hoo!

Wait a minute, rubber boots?

You heard correctly. In my part of the world, it rains from February to July. No dog walker leaves home without them. This brings me to my first reason for participating in K9 Kamp again:


It’s hard to feel a lot of enthusiasm for going outside and getting active with my dog in the pouring rain. K9 Kamp should be just the right nudge I need to brave the Haligonian weather. Besides, the extra weight of boots and waterproof jacket should increase the fitness challenge without me even trying. No matter how soggy we get, Shiva and I aren’t going to let a little drizzle keep us indoors.

It’s dull to hang around inside all the time and my second reason for joining Kamp encompasses this feeling perfectly.


Shiva and I walk a lot. At least six kilometres every day, often more. However, we are deeply entrenched in Ruttsville with no way out. There are only so many ways to tour around residential neighbourhoods and only so many fire hydrants to sniff. Just yesterday Shiva was so bored with our daily routine, she didn’t even muster the energy to scarf more than three pieces of garbage. Not good. K9 Kamp will hopefully add some much needed excitement to our time together.

The third reason I am pumped to get going is…


Most of you know I am running in the 5K portion of Halifax’s Blue Nose Marathon this weekend to raise money for the Nova Scotia SPCA. It’s not been an easy journey, especially in the last few weeks. I worry after the race is over on Sunday, I will lose all desire to continue on. I am counting on K9 Kamp to keep pushing me to other races in the future.

Which leads me to my fourth reason for Kamping it up.


Shiva is one of the fastest agility dogs on the course. If I am ever going to stop humiliating her with my persistent slowness, I need to get in shape. Furthermore, K9 Kamp is all about working as a team with your dog, as is agility. Any activity that brings Shiva and I closer, will make us better competitors in our favourite dog sport.

Also, as I mentioned above, I am hoping to participate in other local running events in the future. Due to a recent injury, I will probably end up walking most of the way this time. K9 Kamp will help prepare me for more running with Shiva, which in turn should help prepare me for future races. It may be a little premature, but I am hoping to enter the 10K in next year’s Blue Nose. Wish me luck!

And my final reason for joining?


That’s right. Cats. I am on a mission to prove cats make just as awesome pets as dogs. When I found out K9 Kamp was open to all animal friends I knew I had to get our cat involved this time as well. It’s going to be a challenge as he generally prefers to exercise on his own time, but if I can get him to spin for treats, I feel confident I can get him to walk beside me. Maybe even on a leash?

 There is still plenty of time to sign up and join in! Even if you don’t think you can fit in all of the challenges, I encourage you to participate in your own way, such as walking your dog for an extra ten minutes, or playing fetch at a different park. Everyone can get into the K9 Kamp spirit, no matter what your fitness level! Don’t forget, there are some pretty wicked prizes to reward you for your efforts.

Do you plan on joining K9 Kamp this year? What activities do you and your pets most enjoy together?

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17 thoughts on “K9 Kamp is Back, Baby!

  1. I just checked out the K-9 Kamp challenge and it doesn’t seem to be as bad this year as it was last year. 🙂

    We may give it a shot ourselves, but don’t look to us for setting any records. 😉 This old body is tired.


  2. Hi Kristine, we’ll check it out. There’s 4 of us here so that’s already a challenge for my peeps. Hey it rains alot out here in Vancouver too. We’re into a stretch of good weather, 4-5 days of cool nights (7 degrees C) and maybe 20+ degrees during the day. I’m still hoping for synchronized Shiva and Kristine rolls 🙂


    • Actually, I have just started working on those rolls tonight, just for you. They are harder to coordinate than I expected as Shiva keeps choosing to lick my face in stead. But I have have something ready for you soon! Stay tuned! 😉


  3. I’m not sure if you’re smart, brave or crazy for coming back to k9kamp again! lol. Seriously, I’m so excited that you are joining again, and can’t wait to read all about your fun. You’ve mentioned some excellent reasons for participating. I hope Shiva helps get you ready for those runs. AND A CAT! Oh my! Now that is going to be fun to see. You rock!


  4. You know….as I mentioned on the featured blogger page, I do have some CAT exercises…Do you and the cat wanna be the guinea pigs?? come on, you know ya wanna! That dick Peter (my cat) staunchly refused to be a part of my shenanigans, then cut me. Cat, you’re my only hope!


    • That would be terrific! I figured I could just modify some of the challenges to make them a bit more cat-friendly. It should be easy enough to get him to exercise, the challenge will be trying to get an exercise myself at the same time. Quick movements of any kind usually freak him out. He thinks I’m going to jump on his or something. You know, because I do it all the time. 😛

      I’d love any suggestions you could throw my way! Thanks!


  5. Somehow I’m not too worried about you losing steam for being active with Shiva 🙂 But it can’t hurt to have yet another motivator!

    Juggling 3 pulling reactive monsters is enough fitness challenge for me for now…though a really good activity would be just to take the bloody things on separate walks! Look forward to hearing about your adventures.


  6. I bet the rubber boots protect your ankles much better than running shoes. After years of running and spraining my ankle at least once a season I finally realized that I only overturned my ankle when I was wearing sneakers.

    Honey and I are cheering all the participants from the sidelines. We already meet the challenges in our regular routine but we’re looking forward to hearing how everyone makes them their own.


  7. Hi, Kristine! Paige and I are new to K9Kamp this year, but it sounds like a lot of fun. I had no idea the challenges could be modified for cats, too! My younger cat, Micau, might enjoy the challenges; but Meisha, who is 14, had a stroke a little over a year ago and is very fragile. Would love to have you share the cat challenges with us so Micau can try them, though. Good luck with this year’s Kamp!


  8. We can’t wait to Kamp along with you and Shiva (and, reluctantly, the cat…)! 🙂 What is wrong with the world when Shiva only scarfs down 3 pieces of garbage?!? 😉


  9. I will have to look into this! Cats can be leash trained as well, but it depends on their personality. One of my cats loves to go for walks, as odd as that may sound. Its just also rather comical when she’s decided she has had enough…


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