Another Addiction: 5K Sucess!

The good news? I finished the 5K without a smidgen of pain in my ankle. The bad news? My legs are holding a grudge.  It’s all good! Because I not only surpassed my fundraising goal due to your help, but I also crossed the finish line with a time of 32 minutes and 16 seconds!

Total craziness. I didn’t even have a goal for time. I thought 45 minutes, maybe 60. I hadn’t trained other than the first two weeks with Shiva. Once my ankle blew out, I’d been incapable of running. All last week I lived in fear of further damage and didn’t dare jog. The only hopes I had for Sunday’s race were to finish without killing myself.

The most amazing thing? When I was done and the urge to throw up had subsided, I almost felt like having another go. It was probably just the endorphins talking. Luckily my PH was there to prevent me from doing anything stupid. I felt strong, capable of tackling several marathons. Despite all the pain, running really can be a good time. A great time, even.

Who would’ve thought?

You can kind of see me: the pink shirt beside the woman with the purple sweater, taken near the finish line

A big part of my success, I know, has a lot to do with the hundreds of people lining the streets, just to cheer us all on. The public support at these events is outstanding. I had no idea just how many people would be there with signs and high-fives and big smiles. It’s hard to say who motivated me more, the people or the sight of their dogs! The combination of all that enthusiasm and the pressure to keep going from those running beside me, inspired me to push myself further than I thought. So far I almost ran the entire first two kilometres. I certainly never planned to do that!

It makes me wonder what I could have accomplished if I’d actually trained properly.

I wish I’d had a camera on me to take photos of some of the signs the spectators made. Many of them were hilarious and nothing short of brilliant. Here is a sample of some of the ones I saw and some of the ones others reported on the marathon website:

 “Your perspiration is my inspiration.”

“Go random stranger, go!”

“Don’t stop, people are watching.”

“Run faster, the zombies are gaining.”

“Finish line this way, beer that way. You choose.”

“Run like you stole something!”

“Your feet are hurting because you are kicking so much ass.”

“Pain is temporary, pride is forever.”

I noticed that several of the other runners even attached messages to the backs of their shirts to inspire fellow participants. I wish I’d thought of that. I’ll have to remember for next year.

Yes, next year. With the fantastic time I had on the weekend, I am determined to keep going. I even got my PH to agree to enter the 10K with me in 2013’s Blue Nose. I will have a whole year to get ready. To my own surprise, I can’t wait!

I know you’re probably sick of me prattling on about it, but I really want to thank you all one last time for your support, financial and emotional. I am still so overwhelmed by the fact you took the time to wish me luck and congratulate me after it was all over. Pet bloggers truly are the best people in the whole world. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

24 thoughts on “Another Addiction: 5K Sucess!

  1. Awesome job! Congratulations! I know little about running, but I feel like 32:16 is a good time! I have a friend who made next year’s 10k a goal to complete (she’s from NS, living here, but will go back for the race). I look forward to hearing about you both kick ass next year!

    Also, those signs are awesome.

    Any chance of Shiva becoming a future running buddy?


  2. I think you did phenomenal and you deserve all the credit!! You should give yourself a giant pat on the back.

    I love the signs and am amazed that you actually rememeber the slogans, I would have forgotten them well before the finish line.

    Way to go Kristine!!


  3. I’m probably the last to congratulate you, but what a great accomplishment. My running days are behind me but you brought back so many memories of endorphins and the high of completing a goal. I love my present aerobics and yoga, but there is nothing like a race.


  4. Congratulations! You kicked ass and you should be so proud of your great time!

    The signs that the spectators has is awesome! That would for sure have given me motivation!


  5. Hi Kristine, hey you did great and you were all big smiles at the end. Pretty good day I’d say. Okay, Absorbine Jr. liquid helps those sore legs.


  6. I understand from my friend Rachel that running IS addictive. Well done again! And for getting PH into it too. Now that it’s on the blog, there’ll be no running away from it lol.


  7. Good job! I’m jealous. I used to run a lot but the tendons around my ankles are all a mess and can’t take running on streets anymore. I mostly just run a bit on trails/the beach now. I’ll probably never be able to run another road race – don’t really know why I want to since it was always so painful, but I guess it is that addictive feeling! 32 minutes is totally pawesome, especially with your ankle troubles. You rock!
    Love the signs!


  8. Those signs are totally awesome, Kristine! And I’m so glad your ankle has fully recovered. Running has never been my thing, and your after glow isn’t going to change that – but your accomplishments (both personal and on behalf of the shelter) are inspiring. Way to go! The Blue Nose will never know what hit them.


  9. I remember my first 5k marathon. I was so hyped but got tired in the middle of the race. But that didn’t stop me from joining fore marathon.


  10. So you’re really taking your year of zoomery literally! Good for you.

    Looking forward to cheering on the whole family next year–virtually.

    I enjoyed running when I took it up a few years ago but I never seriously considered entering a race. My biggest fear was coming in last. After all, someone has to, right? 🙂

    BTW those Haligonians (are you sure you wouldn’t prefer to be called Hali-foxes?) have some wicked sign-making abilities.


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  12. You are so cute ! Love that last photo! And a belated congratulations. I agree with Jodi, how impressive that you remembered so many of the signs. My favorite from that list is the one about the random stranger. Lol. Congratulations again! An inspiration indeed!


  13. Even though this is rather late (what else is new?), I didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten about your big accomplishment! Congrats! And I have to say, better you than me. LOL


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