Less Wordy Wednesday – The Leaves Are Back in Town

It may not seem as exciting to those of you who live in more moderate climates, but the first discovery of leaves every year is worthy of celebration. They never come in trickles either. One day there are little buds and the next everything is a full leafy green.

Leaves are very defining of the seasons in Halifax. Just as their changing colours signify fall, their bright bloom broadcasts that spring is here and snow is a distant memory.

There is a downside. When the trees are bare, it is very easy to spot Shiva running through the forest. The leaves make it nearly impossible to spot her only metres away.

Can you see Shiva in the bushes?

They also make it hard to see approaching people and their dogs, which gives me very little time to prepare myself and Shiva. Walking her off-leash in the late spring and summer always feels just a little dangerous as a result.

Just around this corner was an unfriendly dog and his owner, luckily Shiva came back instantly. This time.

Living on the edge, that’s me.

It’s hard to complain too much, though. Despite the added challenge, I’d take lovely green over barren brown any day of the week.

21 thoughts on “Less Wordy Wednesday – The Leaves Are Back in Town

  1. I’m first today! I think you posted just 30seconds ago lol. I love Spring and the fresh green of baby leaves. I miss it already!

    I thought Shiva was much better with strange dogs now?


    • She absolutely is. However, she has a tendency to be a bit of an instigator off-leash and has been known to leap into the faces of dogs who may not be so happy to see her. Since our little forest is an on-leash area, I always re-leash her whenever I see another dog or person to avoid any potential issues. Also, it’s the law. 😛


    • Me too! Last week the same thing happened and she stunned me by dropping into a sit and waiting for me to put her back on the leash. Sometimes she can be such a good dog.


  2. Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the birdies is? As my mom used to say. Anyway, I also wonder where Shiva is! I couldn’t spot her in the bushes. But I know she’s enjoying her walk. It’s such a nice trail.


  3. I like to live dangerously too, often kick myself for it when Lamar goes charging off after a deer but do it again when he comes back, belatedly, but happy and panting. That IS a gorgeous trail. I love the spring green too…we are almost in full summer mode down here in MD.


  4. Lovely place to walk. In some ways I am lucky as Song cannot be let off lead unless in a swell enclosed area, which round here means my dad’s back garden.


  5. What a lovely setting for a walk. Shiva seems intent on all those wonderful smells.

    Leafing and growing season starts here in February, which is a boon to weeds and insects. Sometimes I think I would rather wait longer.


  6. I’m experiencing the same problem Kristine. A couple of times this week Sampson has ‘found’ someone before I’ve seen them. Most people walk off-leash where I am but I don’t want to be the one whose dog ruins it by approaching a person or dog that didn’t want to be approached.

    Delilah is of course on the long leash which helps ease some of the stress, and I try to keep Sampson fairly close, but there are times when he senses or sees something and off he goes.


  7. Wow – it’s like she’s camouflaged in those bushes! It definitely looks much prettier with all the leaves on the trees, but it makes me think … TICKS! We’ve been dealing with tons of ticks since we arrived in New England, so you’ll have to excuse my unfortunate reaction. I’m hoping that the further north we go, the fewer ticks I see.


  8. I really like the leaves in your place. It makes the place more beautiful. The leaves are so alive together with the place. It portraits the beauty of nature. Halifax is really a fantastic place. There are lots to discover.


  9. So love it when those green buds unfurl into leaves. It’s my favorite moment of spring. It’s like it turns green overnight.

    I can relate to the whole “living life on the edge” thing too. In the spring we often go to the park with the walking trail and I let my dogs off leash. Our issue is not aggressive dogs and owners as much as it is runners. Jasper will focus on his ball in all circumstances except when there is a runner. Then, all best are off. If he had Shiva’s recall I suspect I would feel better, but no matter what I do, runners rule in Jasper’s mind.


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