Wordless Wednesday – Fence Friend

At six in the morning, we don’t see too many other dogs on our walks. At least once a week we’ll pass by the home of the marshmallow of a canine below and we always stop to say hello. I may or may not slip her a few pieces of kibble at the same time. Could you blame me?

She – or he, I guess I don’t know for sure – is such a sweetheart. Typically I avoid dogs behind fences but this dog approaches so softly and with such a low, sweeping tail, that I never felt any reservations about approaching.

I just wish I could figure out what mix of breeds she is. Newfoundland, perhaps? Her fur is mostly black, except for her front paws and legs which are a light brown. She is about the size of a Newf or a Bernese Mountain Dog.

What do you think?

25 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Fence Friend

  1. I think (s)he wants to get out of that fence and go on a walk. Does Shiva like her/him? Perhaps that 2nd dog you wanted…..while she’s not a St. Bernard she is a pretty big do. 🙂


    • Yeah, I’m a little bit confused too about the crossing idea. But no doubt that she is a Newfoundland.


  2. Looks like Newfie/Leonberger to me. Beautiful dog! Isn’t it nice to have a calm dog behind a fence? Most of the time, all the dogs are lunging at the fence and barking their heads off when we walk by…craziness!


  3. awwww looks very sweet. I agree with all the black, thick long fur newfie or a relation looks to be part… Agree too that it might have some Leo in it, but usually that shows up on the face more. So maybe a Leo/Newf/lab? Pretty thin face for a newfie/leo.

    Nice to see a calm dog behind a fence Vs. the typical crazy ones. I would probably share treats too 😉



  4. We have a calm, friendly Newfie by our house too! I use him/her to practice non-reactivity with my dogs and he/she is always happy to stand up, walk up to the fence and not react to my crazy dogs. Makes me want one someday!


  5. I couldn’t comment yesterday, but I love your fence friend. Very pretty dog!
    I honestly have no guesses, but the Leonberger could be right. So could Newfie, so who knows?
    I used to greet other dogs on my walks with my client’s dogs and some I would sneak some kibble to them too. In fact, we had one Lab/Husky mix who would bark if we passed her by! I enjoyed the dogs who were friends at the fence.


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