And They Make Excellent Pillows

Today features a pretty important event and I’d almost missed it! If it wasn’t for an email this morning with a post from I Still Want More Puppies, I’d still be in the dark. Which is a tragic thought. Who wants to miss out on Corbin’s Blogville Pitty Post Day? Who could pass up an excuse to go on about  the wonderfully drooly pit bull?

Not I, that’s for sure.

Around these parts I know we all love pit bull type dogs. We adore their big, goofy square heads, their wiggly, sturdy bodies, and their giant, wet tongues. We are amazed by how resilient these dogs are and we admire their ability to open their hearts again and again – even when they aren’t always loved in return.

We also all know the stereotypes and the political rhetoric. We sign petitions and argue with people on buses and advocate as much as we can to end unfair legislation. We volunteer with rescues. We foster them in our homes. We display our pitty love on our t-shirts with pride.

We know how hard these dogs rock.

I like to think the world outside this tiny bubble of mine is starting to know it too.

When I tried to think of something fun to share today, I performed a Google search of “cute pit bull videos.” Guess how many hits this received?


That’s a lot of pitty adorableness. If there are almost sixteen million links dedicated to these misunderstood dogs, I think we are doing a decent job at changing some people’s minds.

To celebrate that, I am going to share one of my favourite’s from today’s search. It was put together by a teenage girl trying to convince others to adopt a pit bull type dog. I know I am convinced!

Thanks to Corbin for this day full of gratuitous pitty love!

13 thoughts on “And They Make Excellent Pillows

  1. Awww…what a great movie that was! I likes that my color is Bodacious Brindle!

    And me and my mom most definitely think that maybe, just maybe, the tide is starting to turn for pit bull-type doggies. Wouldn’t it be Most Luvly if the thought of having a pittie awareness day was just silly cuz everybuddy already knew how super awesome we are?

    Wiggles & Wags,


  2. Hi Kristine, I’ve met a pittie or two during my walks and they’ve been friendly. I’m more apt to meet a snarling little white fluffy thing than a pittie who doesn’t like me.


  3. Great post and a great bloghop! I’m lucky to have so many awesome pit bull type dogs in my classes–they are so smart and such eager workers. If their owners harness those two features, the sky is the limit for these dogs.


  4. We’re glad to see some cities realizing that bans against Pit Bulls are stupid and counter productive and changing the laws.


  5. Fabulous video! I love the iPit. And best of all, no matter how often you pet him, he doesn’t end up all covered with smudgy fingerprints. 🙂


  6. Well, I had one of those conversations a week or 2 ago with one of my neighbours about a local pitbull (that is now dead) and how it was sadly ostracised by the local dog community EVEN AS A PUP. Unfortunately, I don’t think she was convinced. Sigh. It’s an uphill battle but it’s great to see so many people out there working to repackage this little fella’s reputation.


  7. Thank you so much for joining in on Pitty Post Day and for sharing that wonderful video! I do agree, I think the tide is changing. I think the Victory Dogs put a spot light on how even abused and mistreated pit bulls can still love, be pets, become therapy dogs. And it’s wonderful people like everyone who joined in today, helping to spread the word that WE are the breed, the dogs who live their life promoting good things and breaking down all those myths. I loved this post!


  8. I love the video. I am really one of those who love dogs! Although I am not a number 1 fan of pits, I still adore this intelligent dog. My number 1 is German Shepherd.


  9. Great video! I really adore dogs and puppies. I have a Japanese Spitz and unlik lol!e other Spitz, she is so sweet. The only thing is, she hate dogs!


  10. Finally getting around to this blog hop. (Geez, am I ever going to catch up?) Anyway, this post was awesome! And I couldn’t love the video more!

    I do hope these campaigns are making a difference. Sadly, I think we’re often speaking to the choir. The mainstream media has a louder voice and critical thinking skills seem to be a thing of the past… But we can never give up while tragedies like the Lennox situation still persist.

    Thank you for adding your voice.


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