Adopt a Shelter Cat in June

June is a very important month in the world of animal welfare. has declared the sixth month of the year Adopt a Shelter Cat Month in order to spread awareness about the plight of stray cats during the height of kitten season.

I can’t speak for all parts of the world but the numbers of homeless cats in my province of Nova Scotia are pretty staggering. This may be a dog blog, but I can’t ignore the animals in need sitting right outside my door. We don’t have a dog overpopulation problem, not in Halifax. We do have a disgustingly large cat problem. Tragically, it is only getting worse every year. No one wants to take responsibility either. Not the city, not the majority of the residents. Certainly not the provincial government.

Unfortunately, the overpopulation issues don’t just affect people who love animals, they hurt us all. An over-abundance of stray and feral cats can cause property destruction and aid in the decrease of bird populations. Because cats are not native to all parts of the world, a large uncontrolled population can lead to irreparable environmental deterioration. Furthermore, even people who do love cats can find strays to be more than a small nuisance. No one enjoys finding cat poop in the garden. Stray and feral cats are a problem created by everyone, by our own negligence. Therefore, in order to solve said problem, in order to get these animals off the streets, it is going to require a community-wide solution. Just not feeding them isn’t the answer. Even when cats are starving they can still mate.

The more I research the lack of laws for cats, the sadder I feel.  As someone who is a learned cat lover, who used to be afraid of them, I have now taken it on as my personal mission to help prove cats have just as much value as dogs.

Last year for Adopt a Shelter Cat Month I shared a list of reasons why cats make brilliant pets. I still maintain a house is not truly a home unless there is a cat tucked up inside. At the very least, you’ll never have to worry about mice! This year, instead of writing a single blog post, I have decided to take a moment each day to share the story of a cat currently living in a shelter, looking for that elusive forever home. If even one cat is adopted as a result of my campaign, I think I will have accomplished something pretty great.

Because I am a little slow on the uptake and have missed the first week of June (thanks to Chronicles of Cardigan for the heads-up!), I will catch up by showcasing two cats who are in need of good families. If you can look at their sweet, whiskered faces and not want to scoop them up immediately, I question your sanity.

This inquisitive boy is Winslow and he is available for adoption at the Colchester SPCA. According to his profile, this cutie was found wandering alone before he was brought to the shelter.  The name they gave him was appropriate as it means “hill belonging to wine” and this little guy is all about having a good time. His friends at the shelter say he is playful and enjoys following them around. Unlike some cats (ahem, Kitty Meister) it sounds like Winslow regularly seeks out human companionship and would make a lovely pet for anyone willing to take a chance. perhaps the lovely Panda Bear is more your speed. She is spending her days at the SPCA shelter in Miramichi. Just look at those gorgeous whiskers! It’s hard not to be a sucker for such beauty. True to her name, Panda is a sweet girl who can be a little timid with strangers. She spent a few months as a stray before being live-trapped and brought to the shelter, so he understandably will need a little time before she adjusts to a new home. But with the right family, I am sure she will return to her snuggly self in no time.

Those are only two of the over 145,000 cats listed on Petfinder still waiting for homes. If adoption isn’t possible, there are many things people can do to help ease some of the burden cats create on shelters this time of year. Even something as small as changing a Facebook status to share your concerns can make a big difference. Or maybe you have the space to foster a mama cat and her kittens. Check out Petfinder for more great ideas and to celebrate Adopt a Shelter Cat Month!

Cats are awesome. It’s about time everyone got on the feline bandwagon, don’t you think?

10 thoughts on “Adopt a Shelter Cat in June

  1. Awwww, a house needs a dog to tell you that you are wonderful and a cat to put you back in your place. the Daddy at Kol’s Notes has his heart set on a Sphynx and I have told him if he can find one at a local rescue, he can have it. (Like that will happen, one snotty cat n this house is quite enough TYVM.


  2. We currently have Bob who thinks he is a dog. If our daughter ever takes him back I want a cat that goes outdoors. Some of the shelters put requirements that the cat cannot be an outdoor cat. I need a cat that catches mice and chipmunks!

    It is easy for someone to just drop a cat off somewhere and expect they will survive due to their hunting skills. Sadly there are too many feral cats. A good catch, alter and release program would really cut down on this.

    Thanks for sharing Kristine, I will share on facebook and twitter.


  3. Cats are not only adorable but also easy to maintain. I have already two. Hope to adopt another cutie pie in this great month of June.


  4. Winslow looks like fun! We always had cats and dogs together when I was growing up, the one I remember most was a tiger cat Henrietta (Remember Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood?). Kelly and Brooks are very interested in the cats we see on our walks…but not in a good way.


  5. I would love to have a cat, however I have terrible allergies (to the point where I cannot breathe) to them. Plus – it would have to be a special cat that would be smart enough to know not to make any sudden movements in front of Blueberry. She met a cat exactly like that once at water therapy. Mango. He stood very still and wasn’t at all frightened when Blueberry slapped her paw down on the ground (I want to say playfully, but am not sure). The therapist told me that Mango was excellent at judging whether or not a dog was a threat and would steer clear of dogs that he knew would attack him. So all I need to do is start allergy shots, steal or clone Mango (just kidding of course) and we’ll get to live with a cat too!


  6. Winslow is gorgeous, and I’ve always wanted a tuxedo cat : )
    Good thing they’re so far away since our house is full with 4 cats & the 2 dogs. A few friends have said that 2 of our cats are more like dogs, since they come running to meet everyone, while the 2 dogs go the other way.
    All 4 cats together require less maintenance than one dog, I never understand when people surrender cats to shelters because they don’t have time for them. Seriously, it takes maybe 5 minutes to trim one cat’s claws once a month, a few minutes of brushing a week and a few minutes a day to scoop a litter box. What kind of crazy lives are these people leading?


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