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My head is clogged with everything we need to get done in a wicked short time frame. As we still don’t know where we will call home on July 1st I hesitate to start or book anything. I’d hate to start madly scrubbing the oven if it turns out we’re not going anywhere. Why put more energy into cleaning than necessary? All of this mental chaos is taking up whatever extra brain space I have left by the end of the day.

Gratuitous photo of Shiva.

Rather than continuing to serenade you with my House Rental Blues – though I play a killer harmonica – I thought I’d hook you up with some lighter, more canine-oriented reading.

 – For a different variation on the same theme, check out these eight dog houses that are better than any human house I’ve ever viewed. In particular, the doggie dream house at 400 square feet is bigger than some apartments I considered in Calgary. Gotta love the fire hydrant fountain! I am sure every dog would kill for one of those.

– For a giggle, check out this video of Will Ferrell attempting to show off his clicker training skills. I am not a member of Mr. Ferrell’s fan club, but even I laughed out loud at his attempt at dog agility. I am currently wondering how I can turn “go up the thing! go up the thing” into a cue for Shiva without sounding like a crazy person.

– For some entertaining articles by the first blogger (and dog from a blog) I have ever met in person, check out Mufaasa and Me, especially the post titled “If I Knew Then What I Know Now, I Would Have Spent a Lot Less Time Training and More Time Being My Dog’s Friend.” And yes, Mufaasa is just as cool in person as he is on his website. Cooler, even.

– For the chance to meet the second blogger (and dog from a blog) I have ever met in person, check out Kobi Pup: Dogs Around Halifax. Not only does Kobi have the cutest freckles in the entire world, the entire blog is pretty great. I found her recipe for Freeze Dried Liver Treats super useful. Before I always assumed one needed a dehydrator to make such fancy rewards. Who knew it could be so simple? I’m never going to have to buy treats from the store again!

– For an interesting survey, check out this list of the eleven most expensive dog breeds. A friend of mine sent me the link last week and it led to an involved discussion around the various costs associated with dog breeding. I am not certain whether the prices on this list relate solely to the purchase of a pure-bred or if they include all health-related costs these dogs are likely to incur over their lifetimes. Worth pondering, regardless.

 – For another dog-breed survey, check out this article investigating what breeds will help you attract the opposite sex. According to the writer, men are attracted to women with Chihuahuas as the breed makes them look “easy” – gotta love gender stereotyping – and women are turned off by men with pit bull type dogs because the breed makes them look “slimy.” Quite frankly, I don’t think breed really matters. If you ask me pet ownership itself is pretty sexy, whether it’s a Dachshund or a Mastiff. What do you think?

Have you read anything that got your attention lately?


As part of Petfinder’s Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, I would like to share the stories of two more cats in need of forever homes.

 This unique face belongs to Emmie at the Colchester SPCA. She arrived at the shelter while looking for a cozy place to have her kittens. She is now spayed and ready to spend the rest of her days in the lap of luxury. Her friends say she is a fun and friendly girl.




When you are this cute, they call you mister. Mr. Stripey is this guy’s name and he has been kickin’ it in Augusta, Maine, waiting ever so patiently for his new friends to pick him up. Apparently they are taking the scenic route.

12 thoughts on “For a Good Time, Check These Out

  1. Thanks for the liver treats recipe. My dogs would learn to clean ovens and wash windows for liver and handling it is not something i enjoy. I am sure I can pull off this recipe.


  2. I can’t wait to join that list of bloggers you’ve actually met, and it won’t be long now! In the meantime, I’ll keep hoping that the perfect housing situation presents itself. Good luck!


  3. Aw, thanks for the shout-out! Also, I think I will now have to use “go up the thing! go up the thing” as our cue for the dog walk or a-frame. That way I can shout it like a maniac while I run like mad trying to keep up with Moo-face’s running contacts.


  4. I love that little Emmie’s face!! Think of the creative things you could name her.

    Um…about those dog houses, if I’m going to build something that extravagant I just as soon have my dog with me! LOL


  5. All very good but I want to know about your house rental woes. I suppose I’d best go back and look at whatever posts I missed about The Situation. Good luck! I hope you find the doghouse of your dreams soon seeing as how the deadline is 2 weeks away . How do you find the time and head space to blog? I’d be freaking. And on that helpful note. X


  6. Oh, Emmie looks just like a cat I had as a little girl! What a cutie!

    Hubby and I had a good laugh about the most expensive dog breeds. They obviously didn’t go by how much it costs to keep up their lifestyle or there’d have been a lot more sighthounds on the list! We decided we’re not going to mention the results to the dogs — some noses would be very bent out of shape!

    And yes, I am going to Blog Paws! Do you want me to call in to work for you and tell them you’re gravely ill and can’t attend their conference so you can come and hang out with the cool kids?


  7. When faced with the choice between cleaning and reading dog blogs, I always choose reading 🙂 I hope you find something soon so you can relax!!


  8. I am sure the perfect pad will come along just in time. if not you can come and live with me and Song:)

    Off to check out your suggestions.


  9. The expensive dog breed list really surprised me. I didn’t know that Lowchens and Pharaoh Hounds were so expensive. I guess ’cause I see them at dog shows all the time I think that they are common place. Great link share!


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