Adopt a Shelter Cat on the Summer Solstice

It’s a lovely night. The air is warm and sweet. The sun remains in the sky for just a wee longer than usual. You are feeling perfectly content as you sip iced tea on your patio and wait for the stars.

Well, almost perfectly. The space beside you on the deck swing is empty. The only thing that could make the evening better would be a companion to share in your appreciation of complete relaxation. If only…

But wait. The contentment you seek may be found as close as your local animal shelter. Who understands the beauty of a luxurious night more than a cat?

Mayhaps Rita is your gal?

This pretty little girl loves to cuddle. You can find her at the Concord-Merrimack County SPCA in New Hampshire. Her deep eyes and gentle nature make her the ideal friend with whom to while away a summer’s eve. Even the most reluctant cat lover would have a hard time resisting her lure.

Or, if Rita is too mellow for you, if you are looking for a handsome pal to liven up any summer party, how about Nicky?

This spirited fellow at the Yarmouth SPCA also has some pretty powerful eyes. And those whiskers! He’d be the hit of any barbeque or gathering. With his grey fur and almost romantic expression, he’ll have you falling head over heels in no time.

So what are you waiting for? These are just two of the over 145,000 cats posted on looking for homes. If you are looking for a new feline friend or if you’d just like to help spread the cat love during Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, I dare you to check them all out!

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