Living Proof: Cats Are Awesome

I know many of you are just winding down from your time at the Blogpaws conference and I am finally coming down from the chaos that was a work event of my own. But no matter how knackered we all are, I had to share another cat-themed post near the start of the last week of Adopt a Shelter Cat Month.

It is my personal mission to prove just how cool, how amazing cats can be as pets. Just as much fun as dogs – maybe even more as you don’t have to worry about them eating your landlords.

The video I am about to show you was put together by the ASPCA and I have watched it at least a dozen times. Not only is it hilarious and brilliant, but the message behind it is fantastic.

Silly cat videos are probably one of the most commonly viewed items on the Internet, if not the most. You never know, yours could be the next to go viral. What have you got to lose?

13 thoughts on “Living Proof: Cats Are Awesome

  1. Ha! That video is genius!

    I’ve been known to descent into a YouTube trek of cat videos only to surface an hour later. I’m not ashamed.


  2. That’s hilarious! Did you recognize the cat owner? He’s a news guy on one of teh morning shows. Usually on the weekends. I want to say he is with ABC. So funny!


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