Things I’ve Read While Lollygagging on the Internet

“Seriously. I have more vegetables in my house than I ever had before and guess what? The kids like vegetables! Who would of thought that a guinea pig could get my kids to eat veggies!”  My Brown Newfies

“I believe it s possible to teach the SCIENCE in a clear, fun way that makes it easier for people to TALK about Clicker Training with normal everyday kid-level conversational language instead of having to use words like “quadrants”. – Boogie’s Blog

“Lilac taught me that old age isn’t for sissies.  Our battles were epic, and Lilac usually won.  We tried to be nice and get her a cart to ride around in, and she showed us what she thought of that idea by leaping out of it, gashing her leg and breaking my heart.” –   Tales and Tails

“And you thought bikes without gears were hipster.” – Mighty Girl

Walking to the “Spring Fling” it dawns on me that an all black outfit may not have been the best choice given the theme.  Oh well, too late now, guess I’ll be the “artsy” one.” – I Have Cat

 “In the end, having three isn’t much harder than having two. It’s an extra scoop of kibble to pour and another dose of heartworm medicine to buy, but it’s also another playmate for your existing dogs and another life you saved.” – Oh My Dog!

“It is true that food is a powerful motivator of behavior. If it wasn’t we’d all still fit into our the jeans we wore in high school.” – Fearfuldogs’ Blog

“I admit, I was very thankful when she decided to sleep downstairs in the lounge room last night. But the smell was so bad [a gross understatement], it drifted upstairs. Even separated by a staircase, it was gag worthy.” – Little Dogs on Long Leashes

“Instead of ducking into suburbia to hunt rabbits, this particular coyote did not scurry away quickly at all. In fact, he got closer.” – Back Alley Soapbox

“As long as you’re not lying, then sticking to the good stuff – the warm and fuzzies – is usually your safest bet.” – Peace, Love, and Fostering

“Not that arithmetic is so terrible. I do think it has its place – it’s just not with me. I am not able to give mathematics the time and energy it so deserves to be well loved in this universe.” – Hippie Dogs

PS. I feel like I am phoning it in today and may end up doing so the rest of the week. There is a lot bouncing around in my mind and I simply don’t have the fortitude to get it all out. I have a new agility video to edit and a million things I want to share with you. I promise to be a much more dedicated blogger next week, when we are finally in our dream house. Till then, I will be missing you.


For Petfinder’s Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, I am taking a minute every day in June to share the stories of a few of the cats waiting for their forever homes.

 Bessie here is a sweet young mother at the Oromocto Area SPCA. Her kittens are all now in new homes and she is ready to take the first step into her new life. Will that be with you?




The next cat of the day is Sir Tabby. You know you are important when they give you a title! This feline knight is hanging out with the Picasso Veterinary Fund in New York. They say he is up for any new adventure and is ready to leap headfirst into life with a new family.

17 thoughts on “Things I’ve Read While Lollygagging on the Internet

  1. This is a great collection of quotes! Which has made me want to read all of the posts.

    Also – thanks for the mention!

    Happy moving (and settling)!


  2. Thanks so much for the mention and for the roundup of great posts! And sometimes you need to phone it in to take care of yourself – you deserve the time off!


  3. Happy moving Ms Tonks! I hope you get a nice sunny day and that nothing breaks. And please don’t forget the dog haha.

    I’m amazed you’re even thinking of blogging and agility vids at this time. What dedication! Thanks for including Georgia’s gas (still going, can you believe it?) X


  4. I hope you have a pleasant and uneventful move. Moving is one of the great stresses in life but being there is one of the great pleasures.


  5. Congratulations on your dream home! And I’m pretty sure you don’t even know the meaning of the word “lollygag” – at least not in practice. 😉

    Take time for yourself during this huge milestone. Life is short – enjoy it.


  6. I loved all of your quotes, and I feel so special that I made the list!

    Moving is stressful and just a total suck on the brain. Don’t worry about keeping up with everything, just take things as they come! We’ll all still be here when you get moved into your dream house.

    Bless you for your adopt a cat posts. I can’t have one, but I wish I could. When I heard the statistics about cats during the Petfinder speech at BlogPaws, I was floored — and I thought of you!


  7. Hi! Tamar from I HAVE CAT here! I’m so flattered to be included in our “lollygagging” post! I’m excited to meet a bunch of new bloggers – can’t wait to check out their posts!
    Thanks for you readership and for loving the kitties!


    • Thank you so much for stopping by! I found your website only recently and now it’s one of my favourites! I really admire the work you have done to spread the cat love. 🙂


  8. Ha-ha I ma honored to be among so many great quotes! thanks for the mention. I hope nobody calls children services on me:)

    Good luck with the move, I hope everything goes smoothly!


  9. Oh my gosh, Debbie and Georgia’s quotes are hilarious! I’m so grateful to you for catching me up – with everything going on this week, I’m afraid I’m a bit behind on my blog reading.


  10. Phoning it in? Are you kidding me? It’s called giving back. Think about how many of those comments led people back to those sites. In fact, I am on my way to read some of them now!


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