Saying Goodbye

This morning was our last walk around the lake. While I am very excited to be moving on, I know I will miss our 5:30 am off-leash walks on the quiet trail with no one else around. That’s not to say there isn’t the possibility for such things in our new neighbourhood, but Shiva and I have a lot of memories stored in each corner of this path. It’s hard not to feel a little wistful about leaving them behind.

I am willing to bet that Shiva has spent more time in this little forest than any other dog in the world in the last three years. It has become as much our home as the house in which we lived. It’s where we practiced countless tricks, perfected recalls, worked on her reactivity. This park just two blocks away was the first place Shiva ever ran free.

The forest is my “happy place”. There is nothing more relaxing than meandering around the path, laughing as Shiva leaps over tree stumps, and stopping to play in the water. We owe the forest a lot. It essentially became the fenced backyard we didn’t have.

As the time went on, I began to feel a little possessive of the space. It irked me when we ran into other dogs during our time slot. How dare they interrupt our morning routine! 

Winter was my favourite time as we were guaranteed to have the entire place to ourselves. We would go for long walks on the frozen lake and Shiva could zoom as much as she pleased.

Spring and summer were more difficult. The fishing season typically begins Easter long weekend and lasts far too long. You all know our opinions on that. It is more challenging this time of year to let her off leash, the leaves make it hard to see who is approaching. Nonetheless, it’s always worth the risk.

But our time here is now done. We are leaving it open for another dog and human team to enjoy together. I hope they appreciate it as much as we did.


As part of Petfinder’s Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, I am taking a minute every day in June to share the photos of cats waiting for their forever homes.

 Today I thought I would share two kittens because it is Friday and I am sure we could all use an extra bit of cuteness. The guy to the left is Smudge at the Partnership for Animal Welfare in Greenbelt, Maryland. He is one of four babies left at the shelter without a mother at just four weeks of age. Out of all his siblings, Smudge is the smallest but when you are a young kitten, ready for an action, size isn’t going to get in your way!



 Sweet baby Ella is spending her time with the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew in Calgary, Alberta. She was found out in the cold with her mother but no siblings, which makes her a real survivor. Ella is fearless and loves to climb and snuggle, maybe even both at the same time! She would make the perfect pet for anyone looking to dote on a new feline friend.

17 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. Hi Kristine, we totally understand how you feel. There’s a park about a block away and my peeps take us for our morning walks there and I can sense a certain amount of possessiveness from my peeps when we’re in the park during our time slot if we see other people and especially other dogs in the park at that time. We’ll be juggling moves too and I’ve had to give up my long walks with my walkers for the next couple of months that took me through a commercial section of a neighbourhood where I had “regulars” who waited for me to come by. We’ll be moving back into the neighbourhood but we’ll be a little farther away from that commercial area. So like me, you’ll have to find a new place to make some new memories. Sound good?


  2. If we were to move I would miss our little area too. Like you I find myself feeling possessive of the area when others are there. I often times dream of buying it, fencing it in and keeping everyone else out, but that would be so selfish wouldn’t it?

    I’m sure you will find another area near your new house and if you don’t well as long as it’s not too far you can always jump in car and head over. 🙂

    I can’t wait to hear all about your new place!


  3. On the rare occassions when I see people walking on “our path”, I get so annoyed. My husband has to remind me that we don’t own the path. But, it feels like I do.

    New adventures are at hand for you! Hope the move goes smoothly.


  4. That is a Beautiful lake… I can understand why you would miss it… life is full of surprises, so you never know… you might find something similar or even better at your new place…

    Love and Pawshakes
    Mumma and Pluto


  5. I must be further behind on my blog reading than I thought, because I didn’t know you were moving!

    Anyway, I have an award that I’d like to pass on to you … stop by our blog and pick it up!


  6. Best of luck with your move! I hope you find a new place to walk that you and Shiva love even more! (plus, you can always visit your old park, right??)


  7. I’ve never missed the old houses we’ve left, but I’ve always missed the old dog walking places. I hope you find another great and private place.


  8. After all the stories I’ve read and pictures I’ve seen of the place, I’m going to miss it too. I always feel a little forlorn leaving a place, even a hotel room after a few days. It’ll be even weirder when you come back after a few years 😉


  9. I could never move too far from my dog park. I would go spare if I didn’t get back every so often. But reality dictates that, sooner or later, time will come to move on. And I, too, will be sad. I hope you’re not moving so far you can’t visit your old haunts from time to time.


  10. I was wondering how you were feeling leaving your private place with Shiva. I can completely understand. So many memories. So much work that was done with Shiva and so much love and laughter on one place. I know you will have new amazing memories in your new place, but it’s always hard to leave the place where it all first started.
    I too cherish my private times in the woods. I used to love to get to the dog park early so I could just have the quiet time with me and my dogs. I loved hearing the birds sing and no other sound except me and my dogs.

    Wishing you a new wooded area in your new place Kristine. I can’t wait to hear about your new place and Shiva’s reaction to it.


  11. It’s always hard to leave a great place behind, but here’s hoping you and Shiva will love the new place even more! I’m betting you will, once you get unpacked and the dust settles.


  12. I lost a puppy last Sunday. I can’t help but to cry. My heart crashed when I saw Wato in a blood. It’s too late for me to brought him in the Vet. I came late.. I was so sorry for him.


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