We Have Arrived!

Even though our official moving day was Sunday, I couldn’t consider this new house a home until everything was back to normal. Meaning, until we had full internet access.

Priorities, people.

The move itself was typically insane. I say typically because it seems when we do things, we do them in the worst possible way in the shortest amount of time. Planners we are not. Organized we are not. Yet somehow everything always comes together and we get the job done. Maybe most people would move on a day their practically husbands aren’t working midnight shifts. And maybe others would enlist help with loading and unloading a 26 foot Uhaul. There may even be some who take their time. But those people are wusses who clearly don’t have what it takes.

Pay no attention to the dozen bruises on my right arm.

Not to mention the ones on my legs.


Of what I am most proud is the fact our animals survived the stress of a complete environmental change without any major issues. They did have a brief skirmish while we were packing that involved a cat being pinned by a dog paw, but other than giving me my first gray hairs, nothing irreparable occurred. Shiva seems to think of the new house as her home and The Cat, well, The Cat is probably plotting yet one more evil scheme. All is as it should be.

There are a lot of exciting discoveries I’d like to share with you. After only two and a half days I have a lot of stories to tell. They will all have to wait. For now, I am just going to sit on the deck and enjoy.

How was your weekend?

24 thoughts on “We Have Arrived!

  1. I’m super excited for you guys! House looks great! Glad the move went as smoothly as possible and that you have had any four-legged mutinies!


  2. What a cute house!

    Moving sucks, glad you all survived! Now have a nice cold beer on your new deck 🙂 Cheers.


  3. Your new house looks mighty sweet and I see Shiva is already doing front porch duty. Good girl!

    Well done on moving everything yourself! What’s a few dozen bruises and bumps and an exhausted PH compared to saving 100 bucks for a removalist? Or a crate of beer for a few helpful mates, which is how we would do it here? Your priorities are in a fine place, Ms T! Now enjoy 🙂 X

    P.S. my weekend was good. My weekdays so far, eventful lol.


  4. What a very sweet house with a beautiful dog! I’m not a planner, either, so understand your pain (and that of the PH’s lack of sleep). Congratulations!


  5. Moving is the worst! I am very organized and try to plan everything – and for every contingency. Which is especially frustrating while moving because it’s impossible to be in complete control! The thought of standing in a kitchen debating which cupboard is best suited to hold the cereal bowls is both exciting and daunting. But glad you survived and can’t wait to hear tales of the new neighbourhood!


  6. yay, congrats on your completed move! Moving is a big pain and I’d almost rather burn my belongings out back than do it again. We’ll see which happens.


  7. Perfect! It sounds like with a little sweat and bruises you did it!
    Congratulations and I can’t wait to hear the stories to come!


  8. What an adorable house!! Shiva looks perfectly comfortable on her new porch! I am one of those crazy people that will not rest until every box is unpacked and everything is in place 🙂 I hope you bruises heal quickly – can’t wait to hear more about it! I celebrated my birthday over the weekend – probably a little less stressful than your weekend! Congrats!!


  9. So glad you are in your new place. It looks lovely. Also glad you are taking time to actually enjoy it.

    Looking forward to hearing all about your new area.


  10. Yay! I hope you enjoy your new place. And it sounds like, along with your battle scars, you have plenty of stories already.

    Yep, I remember when moving was an adventure. Once, to save money on a truck, we moved ourselves and a friend on the same day! good times. good times.


  11. One of the reasons we bought our curent house is because we already lived in the upstairs apartment, and only had to move downstairs to the main floor!

    Moving is a curse. I hope not to do it again for several more years.


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